Shelter Dog Shaking from Fear Listens To Music At Bedtime To Soothe Her

In a shelter, a timid dog named Ruthie spent her days trembling with fear inside a kennel. Elli, a compassionate individual affiliated with Mr. Bones & Co, noticed Ruthie’s plight “behind bars” and recognized that she deserved a fresh start. Elli had been traveling across the country, dedicating herself to helping as many dogs as possible, and Ruthie’s shelter became her final destination.

Elli made it her mission to return and assist Ruthie. As she expresses in the video, “It took a few weeks, but I never break my promise to a dog.” And true to her word, Elli fulfilled her commitment. Ruthie was transported from the shelter to Elli’s care, embarking on a remarkable journey that was undeniably worthwhile. Upon arriving at Elli’s cottage, Ruthie found solace.

The following morning, as Elli opened the door to Ruthie’s room, she discovered that the pup hadn’t moved from her bed. Elli believed it was Ruthie’s first restful sleep in a long time. Grateful for this newfound tranquility, Elli quickly found Ruthie a foster home with some of her friends. Before departing, Elli treated Ruthie to a spa day, although bath time wasn’t exactly Ruthie’s favorite experience.

Upon arriving at her foster home, Ruthie was warmly welcomed by her foster dad, Brian, who shared the residence with his partner, Anthony. Initially, Ruthie felt uneasy, but Brian and Anthony did everything in their power to comfort her and shower her with love. As Ruthie began to adjust, they discovered her fear of the dark, prompting them to set up a nightlight to ease her anxiety. They also made sure to bring her breakfast in bed every morning, as Brian affectionately refers to her as the “Queen of the Castle.”

Additionally, the foster dads discovered Ruthie’s fondness for music, leading to an incredibly heartwarming and soul-stirring experience. Does Ruthie become a foster failure? To unveil the heartwarming outcome, you’ll need to watch the video. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all those involved who provided Ruthie with a new lease on life!

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