Pit Bull in Italy Is Taught to Bring in Owner’s Mail

One of the reasons most people prefer dogs as companions is that they’re easy to train. They are highly intelligent and can quickly learn new tricks at a young age. They also learn and master their owner’s language for easy communication. One such breed considered easy to train is a Pit bull when properly socialized. It is no surprise that a Pit bull called “Jaguar” became an online sensation, capturing everyone’s attention. Here is the story behind the Pit bull in Italy taught to bring in his owner’s mail.

What’s the hype about “Jaguar,” the Pit bull?

According to Newsweek, “Jaguar” is a Pit bull whose owner, Dakota, taught to collect mail at a young age. His owners created an Instagram page called “Jaguar the Pit Bull.” Dakota has shared dozens of pictures and videos of him on the page. The latest viral video bore a unique caption: “We trained our dog to fetch all our packages, and it’s officially the cutest thing ever.” Collecting mails and packages for Dakota and her boyfriend, Federico, isn’t the only trick Jaguar has learned. The couple has home-trained him to perform other basic tasks, proving that dogs can come through when you don’t have an errand person at home.

How did it start?

Dakota relocated to Italy to join Federico, her boyfriend, in 2020. She always grew up with pets around her, and it was only practical that they’d get a dog. At first, they didn’t have a problem adopting any breed until they came across an adorable Pit bull puppy, who everyone loathed, and it was love at first sight. When they met Jaguar, the first thing the couple noticed was his frail body. Very few people have the heart to feed a stray dog, so they leave him to fate. The Pit bull appeared so emaciated that you’d notice his bones due to starvation. He probably relied on well-wishers to feed him or get food from the dumpsters. As a result, he developed worms, compromising his immunity system. They assumed he would die like other abandoned animals if they didn’t take him. Eventually, they welcomed him home after a vet visit. According to Novonite, it looks like their efforts to restore Jaguar’s health paid off when he gained 70.5 pounds. He only weighed 2.2 pounds when they first met Jaguar. That shows that the couple considers him part of the family.

How did the couple train Jaguar to pick mails?

Dogs are very loyal to their owners when adequately socialized and provided with everything a pet needs. They also value companionship, unlike other pets. So, the first thing Dakota did was train him how to pick mail from the mailman downstairs. Being the big baby that he is, Jaguar is always super-excited whenever he hears the doorbell ring. He’d follow Dakota downstairs and pick up the mail when that happened. She would let him receive the mail or package from the delivery guy before handing it over to Jaguar. Gradually, the routine conditioned Jaguar to correlate between doorbells and picking mails, which ends in treats. Still, Dakota taught Jaguar that not every doorbell signal was from the delivery guy. She’d instruct him to rush downstairs to collect the package after confirming it was the delivery guy from the balcony. Once the postman leaves, he rushes to the door to pick it up. Jaguar’s owners say it wasn’t easy at first because once, he picked up the mail and left it in the yard. Dakota assumes something could have distracted him. But after five sessions of training, Jaguar got the hang of it.

What else is Jaguar good at?

The video might have epitomized Jaguar as a wonder dog when he’s a regular one in the real sense. Like other dogs, this Pit bull can play fetch, roll on the floor, pretend to be dead, and sit when instructed. Taking him during the pandemic couldn’t have been timelier. The couple spent most hours at home, so it was easy to home-train him instead of taking him to a dog training facility. Another unique trait the couple has noticed about Jaguar is his fondness for a special pillow. According to World Time Todays, there’s no way he’ll fall asleep or rest without this pillow. The assumption is he misses motherly care, and the pillow is one way to compensate for it.

What lessons can one learn from Jaguar the Pit bull’s story?

From this story, it’s fair to conclude that Pit bulls are people pleasers. They’d do almost anything their owners ask of them. Naturally, they love attention and approval, making them one of the most social breeds. Due to this, some people take advantage of their loyalty to teach them to be mannerless. Pit bulls are also highly athletic and need daily exercise to prevent them from being aggressive or easily bored. The couple knows this, and it is why they delegated the mail picking task to Jaguar. Pacing up and down was the perfect way to incorporate a good exercise routine. It came in handy during the pandemic when staying at home was the norm. Cuddling is a big deal for Pit bulls despite their athletic stature. Even the most agile and athletic dogs sometimes crave tenderness, love, and care. From Dakota’s confession, Jaguar has a sedentary lifestyle, which he fulfills through his pillow. He’s always considered himself a big baby to be a lap dog. Cuddling the pillow also helped the couple train him faster, which they found therapeutic. Pit bulls are also hilarious. Like humans, they are full of life and always burst with personality. It’s no surprise that the couple spent each moment with him. Pacing from the balcony and down the stairs is a real clowning experience the couple enjoys as Jaguar’s owners.


The video of Jaguar collecting mails and packages is a real-life demonstration of how rewarding having a Pit bull is. His ability to learn the tricks is one way of showing how grateful he is that they took him in. Thanks to this story, if you’re clueless about which dog breed to choose, we’d recommend adopting a Pit bull.

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