Arizona Dog Becomes Internet Famous For Hilarious “Screaming”

People love dogs. As a result, it is no wonder that such a great number of dogs have winded up becoming Internet sensations for one reason or another. In the case of a dog named Mo, he has managed to capture a fair amount of attention because of the range of screams that he is capable of producing. Sometimes, these screams sound like something that would come out of a human mouth. Other times, they can resemble what his owner has described as the chirping of birds. In other words, Mo is capable of producing sounds that bear little resemblance to what most people would expect from a dog, which is more than enough to capture the interest of some Internet users.

What Do We Know about Mo?

Of course, whenever people become interested in a dog, they become a little bit interested in the background of that dog as well. In the case of Mo, his owner Kristin Allen found him at her home no more than a short time ago. Being a responsible person, she took him to the local animal shelter to see whether he had a family looking for him or not. When that turned out not to be the case, Kristin chose to adopt Mo, thus leading to his present living situation. It is amusing to note that when Mo screamed for the first time, Kristin was more than a little bit startled, not least because she was concerned that it might have been a sign of aggression because Mo was looking at another dog at the time. However, she now believes that Mo screams as a way of getting attention, which isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds to some people.

Can Dogs Manipulate People?


Dog owners talk a lot about their dogs understanding them and vice versa. Some people might be tempted to attribute this to nothing but sentiment. After all, dog owners love their dogs, so it is natural for them to be a bit biased in favor of their dogs. However, the science suggests that dogs are actually quite good at understanding people, so much so that they are actually better at interpreting human communication than even the species that are closest to us from an evolutionary perspective.

With that said, the fact that dogs are so good at understanding humans comes with some amusing downsides. For instance, dogs are actually quite good at manipulating humans in order to get us to do what they want. One example is how dogs will sometimes use what has been called “puppy dog eyes” to get additional treats or something else that they are interested in by intentionally adopting an expression that makes them look cuter. Another example is when dogs roll over onto their backs so that dog owners will scratch their bellies. Summed up, while people might not realize it without thinking about it, it is clear that dogs are good at understanding humans as well as good at getting humans to do what they want. Having said this, this ability to manipulate people isn’t necessarily a bad thing in dogs so long as dog owners don’t let their dogs dictate everything to the point of compromising their dogs’ health. In short, there is nothing wrong with giving a dog a treat from time to time, but giving them so many treats that it causes them to start ballooning up is a clear sign that they are overdoing things.

As a result, Kristin could very well be right about the reason that Mo is making his peculiar sounds. Simply put, dogs are perfectly capable of performing attention-seeking behaviors. Sometimes, this is because some of those attention-seeking behaviors are just things that dogs do, with examples ranging from them digging holes to them seeking more food. Other times, this is because dogs have learned to do things that will get a positive response for humans, which can be self-reinforcing in nature. This is perfectly natural because dogs like humans, so much so that there scientific studies indicating that dogs have stronger relationships with dog owners than with siblings that they have grown up with for years and years. As a result, it is no wonder that our dogs are willing to do all sorts of interesting things for our approval, thus ensuring that there will always be plenty of material for amusing dog memes.

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