Dog Left at Shelter for 5 Years Finally Finds a Forever Home

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There are many reasons why a dog can end up in an animal shelter, and the length of their stay depends on many factors. For some pets, the time they spend at a rescue facility is only short, and they soon move on to a forever home with a new family. Unfortunately, that is not the case for all dogs, and some spend months or even years at a shelter. Sadly, that was the situation for a lovely dog called Baby Girl, who ended up living at a rescue for almost five years.

Arriving at the Shelter

Baby Girl is a mixed breed dog who arrived at the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln, Nebraska, on December 7, 2017. She settled in well, and the shelter workers loved the pooch’s sweet nature. Although she had many positive traits, Baby Girl could not find her forever home. Time and again, potential families would come to the shelter in search of a pet to welcome into their family, but she was always overlooked in favor of other animals at the shelter.

Why Do Some Dogs Find It Difficult to Find a New Home?

Although there are many reasons why dogs become long-term residents of animal shelters, it is not always for the same reason. There are multiple reasons why some dogs find it harder to find a new family than others. One of the most common reasons is the age of the dog. Puppies and younger dogs are more popular than older pets, which is because they are less likely to suffer from serious health conditions and also because younger dogs have a greater chance of living a long and happy life with their new family. Poor health is another potential drawback to a dog being rehomed. Many potential adopters are unwilling or unable to take on the additional commitment of a dog with a health condition due to the extra care and costs. Finally, the breed of the dog can put some animals lower down on the list of desirable adoption options. If a dog breed has a bad reputation for aggression, whether it is deserved or not, it can put people off adopting. Also, some dog breeds are considered more attractive than others, and some mixed dog breeds are less visually appealing to many people.

Finding Baby Girl a New Home

The Animal Rescue Site says that the shelter workers at Lincoln’s Capital Humane Society did not give up on finding a forever home for Baby Girl. They regularly posted photographs of her on social media in the hope that it would attract potential adopters who might consider welcoming her into their homes. Although their efforts were not fruitful for many years, the posts were eventually successful. Baby Girl finally found a new home in March 2022. The staff was delighted that their long-term resident was finally getting the opportunity to live outside the shelter, but they decided to wait before sharing the news on their social media page. Once they were sure Baby Girl had settled into her new home, they were pleased to share photographs of her with her new mum on their Facebook page.

A New Life for Baby Girl

Baby Girl was adopted by a woman who lives with her mother, so two women are in the household to dote on the dog. The woman who has adopted Baby Girl has spoken about her decision to adopt the loving dog. Not only does it mean Baby Girl has the family home she craved, but it has also brought many benefits to the life of her adopter. According to the woman, sharing her home with Baby Girl has brought a lot of joy to her life. She has described how Baby Girl is an affectionate dog who likes to be close to her new mom and loves having her belly tickled and rubbed. Baby Girl has also found many other activities she enjoys in her new home. She loves going for her daily walks, sunning herself outside, and playing in the yard. The adopter has also said she is so grateful to the Canine Humane Society for not giving up on Baby Girl for all those years. Without the loving care that the shelter’s staff gave to the dog, the woman would not be able to benefit from the joy that baby girl has brought to her life now. Baby Girl’s owner says that she could not have asked for a better dog. It is not just Baby Girl’s new owner that is delighted to see her leave the shelter. The shelter’s staff were just as pleased that Baby Girl was finally rehomed, and they think it is a well-deserved, happy ending for a wonderful dog.

Returning to the Shelter as a Guest

Although Baby Girl is happy to have a new home with a loving family, it did not stop her from returning to a shelter as a guest. She went to the Canine Humane Society’s Pieloch Pet Adoption Center to show other dogs and humans that sometimes long-term shelter residents can go on to live a happy life. Baby Girl was the ideal candidate for the job as she is the perfect example of how a dog that has spent a significant time in a rescue center can adjust to living in the conditions of a family home and live a fulfilling life. Sadly, not all dogs that end up staying in rescue shelters are as lucky as Baby Girl, and some wait even longer to find a forever home. Tragically, some dogs never make it back out of the shelter and have the chance to live in a family home. Baby Girl’s case shows that more people should consider giving one of the long-term residents of an animal shelter a home, as it can benefit both the dog and its new owner.

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