Sharknado Director Helps Dog Named Sharknado Get a Home

Sharknado Dog

When a dog is neglected, abused, abandoned, or orphaned, they need all the help they can get to make a fresh start in life. This help usually comes in the form of staff from the rescue shelters or from animal-loving volunteers who give up their free time to help dogs in need. Also, members of the public often helping by generously donating money to keep the shelters running and to allow them to provide the dogs with the food, care, and medical attention they need. Sometimes, help can come from sources that are rather more unexpected, and that is what happened to a dog called Sharknado. I Heart Dogs starts this dog’s story with an explanation of how rescue dogs’ names are chosen. With so many dogs passing through their doors, shelter workers take inspiration for names from a variety of sources. Some sources of inspiration include the names of friends and family, a word that relates to a characteristic of the dog, characters from their favorite books, or famous people from the television.

In the case of the rescue dog Sharknado, he was named after a science-fiction film. ‘Sharknado’ is a made-for-television film that was released in 2013. It is about a waterspout that lifts sharks out of the ocean so that they land in the middle of Los Angeles. The film was written by Thunder Levin and directed by Anthony C. Ferrante. Those who starred in this film included Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, John Heard, Cassie Scerbo, and Jason Simmons. This film then became a series of films as five more films followed. The dog Sharknado first arrived at the Wood County Humane Society in September. The staff from the shelter, which is located in Bowling Green, Ohio, believe that the dog is around two years old. Like any dog that arrives at a shelter, the aim is to find them a forever home as quickly as possible.

After choosing his name, the staff realized that his unusual moniker gave them an opportunity to get creative in their search for adoptive parents for him. Their idea was to dress the dog up like a shark, and then to reach out to Anthony C. Ferrante, the director of the film. If you can get a celebrity behind a cause, it can increase awareness as they often have lots of social media followers and a great deal of influence. People are also more likely to share a social media post from a celebrity. Often, celebrities do not respond to such quests for help but fortunately, this case was different. When the staff contacted Anthony C. Ferrante about the dog, he was more than happy to use his social media accounts to help. Just six days after Sharknado arrived at the shelter, Ferrante was posting on his Twitter account about the mixed-breed dog. The post featured the original adoption plea from Pet finder along with an adorable photograph of him.

Ferrante’s tweet also sent out a plea to fans of the Sharknado series of films. The generous director even offered to donate an autographed Blu-ray of the first Sharknado film to whoever adopted the dog. He then posted some follow-up tweets and tagged in some other people who are linked to the film. This began to attract a lot of attention. Soon, the SyFy Network had got involved with the online conversation. This gave the posts another boost and increased awareness further. They posted that the dog is adorable and that, for obvious reasons, they loved the name. Prior to arriving at wood County Humane Society, Sharknado had spent some time at Lucas County Canine Care and Control, which is located in Toledo, Ohio. When they heard about the online plea, they also chimed into the conversation and praised the efforts to find the dog a permanent home with a loving family. They posted that Sharknado had originally come from their shelter and that they loved the boy. Their post also said they believed he would get adopted very soon.

Originally, Sharknado was featured on the Petfinder website. However, his profile page has now been deleted. Although it is not confirmed what has happened to him, this would indicate that the plea for adoption was a success and that Sharknado now has his forever home. It is even possible that he has been adopted by a fan of the film franchise. Regardless of whether this is the case or not, whoever has adopted Sharknado is very lucky to have him in their family. Sometimes shelters have to think a little bit out of the box and try something a bit crazy to find their dogs a new home. Most, including Wood County Humane Society, are non-profit organizations. This means that they rely on funding from national humane organizations and from the donations of kind-hearted members of the public. Without this money, they cannot fulfill their daily operations and care for the dogs properly.

It also means that they need to find adoptive families as quickly as possible as they only have the resources to care for a limited number of dogs at any one time. Furthermore, it is important to the dogs that they find a home as quickly as possible, as there is no comparison between living in an animal shelter and living in a loving family home. Thankfully, it seems that taking a creative approach to the search for adoptive parents has worked in this case. Dressing Sharknado as a shark and getting the director of his namesake film involved in the search has achieved a positive result, which is all the staff at the shelter could have hoped for. Hopefully, Sharknado has now settled into his new home and he is enjoying the life he deserves. He has not only the staff at the shelter to thank for this, but also a well-known film director. Not many dogs could make this claim.

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