Why People Are Sending this Dog Hats From All Over The World

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Sometimes, the evils of the world seem overwhelming. Violence, cruelty, and hardship tend to be highlighted in the media, making it appear as though the world is filled with people who have no semblance of morals. However, the truth is the opposite. Although media tend to cover negative stories, there are far more good people in the world than bad. Sometimes, it can take a truly horrific case of cruelty to inspire people to come together in unity and kindness.

One example is the case of Abigail, a sweet and loving dog. Abigail endured some of the worst hardships imaginable before finally being rescued. Her story is one of perseverance, cooperation between the public and rescues, and generosity. Therefore, she is the perfect example of how a terrible act can reveal what is best in the world.

Prior to her rescue, Abigail was used as a bait dog. Essentially, it was her job to initiate dog fights by having other dogs repeatedly attack her. Naturally, this left her physically and emotionally damaged. The damage to her head was so severe that she was missing half of her face and one of her ears. It took a great deal of time and effort from organizations like Love Is Fur Ever Dog Rescue and Pets First Wellness Center to save Abigail. While her life was not in jeopardy, she still faced a tremendous uphill battle.

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As she healed, Abigail had to cover a large open wound on her head. In order to cover the wound, the staff at the rescue began giving her hats. Abigail took to these hats immediately, and people began to notice how adorable she looked. It didn’t take long before volunteers from all over the world began knitting hats for Abigail and sending them to the rescue. She currently has a collection of over 50 hats, a collection that continues to grow.

In addition to hats, Abigail’s fans are sending treats and toys. She has earned a considerable following online, and people have expressed their gratitude to the rescue for sharing her story. Her tale of courage has inspired people to be more loving and kind to one another. Abigail’s life serves as a reminder that one can live a happy, playful, and loving life even after enduring unimaginable hardship.

Unfortunately, Abigail’s struggles have not quite finished. Her missing ear still requires another operation, which is very expensive. Further, after she heals, she still needs to find a forever home. This should be the least difficult part of her journey, given her charisma and popularity. Donations can be made online to help her with her medical expenses, and the rescue is always happy to receive more hats.

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Abigail is a dog that was horrifically abused, and still bears the mark of this cruelty. However, with a great deal of support from rescues and volunteers online, she is now safe and healthy. As well, she has developed a passion for fashion. While hers is a happy story, it is important to remember that there are countless other dogs who still suffer at the hands of abusers. The only way to rid the world of the scourge that is animal abuse is to collectively stand together and support the organizations who are helping these animals. One day, hopefully all dogs will have no more to worry about than choosing which hat to wear.

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