Man Walks His Paralyzed Dog In A Cozy Wagon and It Goes Viral

Bryan Thompson often sees owners walking their dogs while he is out walking in Nova Scotia. However, on one winter’s morning in Shubie Park he saw a dog and owner out on a completely different kind of walk, and it is something that has now touched many people’s hearts. Bryan was walking in the park when he saw a dog being pulled along in a cozy wagon by her owner. He became intrigued as to why the dog was in the wagon and so he went over to the owner and began to have a conversation with him. He wanted to find out more about the dog and why the owner was pulling her along. He takes regular walks in Shubie Park and this was the first time he had ever seen anything like this. The owner explained that his dog was suffering from ALS, a condition that left her unable to walk. Amyotrophic Laterel Sclerosis is a condition that affects the spinal cord. It meant that there are some days when she found it hard to stand, let alone walk. Bryan did not find out how old the dog was when he spoke to the owner but onset of ALS does not usually begin until dogs are about seven years old.

Before she developed this condition she had loved going out for walks with her owner and he didn’t want her to have to miss out on this. He decided to make the cozy wagon so that they could both still go out on walks and enjoy spending this quality time together. The Dodo was one of the first sites to report the story and they described the cart that the dog was in as crafted. It is likely that the owner has made this wagon completely from scratch to meet the needs of his dog. The wagon is filled with pillows and blankets to ensure that the dog remains comfortable. The blankets also help her to stay warm in the cold weather. The owner had made sure that she was wrapped up warm and she looks so snug inside the wagon. She seemed to be perfectly happy in the wagon and was enjoying the time that she was spending outdoors. Bryan was really touched by the effort that the owner had made for his dog. It could not have been easy for the man to pull around the wagon with the dog in it through the snow, but it was something that he did anyway. When Bryan asked him why he just replied that he knew the dog would do the same for him. He did not seem to think that it was such a big deal but it had a really big impact on Bryan.

Bryan asked permission to take photos of the man and his dog so he could share the story online. He was so touched by the story that he was sure there would be many others that would want to hear it as well. Although he was happy for the photos to be taken, he did not want to be identified. Bryan respected this and so did not take any photos that featured his face. As soon as he got home, he posted the story and the photos on his Facebook page. He posted a photo of the dog in the wagon and two other photos of the dog being pulled by her owner that were taken from the distance. He also turned off the comments so the name of the man could not be posted online if anyone did recognize him. It did not take long before the story started to be shared by his family and friends and then it reached a wider audience. I Heart Dogs reports that the post was shared over 50,000 times. It was seen by people from all over the world that liked the photos and shared the post. It was also not long before websites that focus on pets and dogs in particular also started to report the story.

Anyone who owns a dog knows what an important part of the family they are. When they have a problem, we want to do what we can to make them feel better. Unfortunately, there is no cure for ALS but the owner in this case is doing what he can to make sure that his dog has as much of a normal life as possible. Not being able to walk anymore must have been scary for the dog as she wouldn’t have known what was going on. The wagon that her owner made meant that she was still able to enjoy being outside and spending time with him even when she was not physically able to walk. Pets Readings points out that dogs are one of the most loyal pets that you can get and so that it is understandable that we remain loyal to them. The owner did not give Bryan many details about the relationship he had with his dog but it was clear that it was a loving one. There may not be many other people that would have gone to so much effort to be able to take their dogs on walks.

This story has touched the hearts of people all over the world and one of the main reasons for this is that the owner remained so humble about what he had done. It seemed to Bryan as if he had made a huge effort to ensure that his dog could still go on walks with him, but the owner simply felt as if it was the right thing to do. His comment that the dog would have done the same for him also resonated with a lot of people. We can only imagine the loyalty the dog must have showed to the owner for him to make this wagon. Anyone who has read the story can’t help but hope that the dog and her owner continue to share this special bond for the rest of their lives.

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