Five Interesting Facts about “The Year of the Dog”

Are you familiar with the Chinese Zodiac, and the Chinese New Year? Chinese New Year is the celebration of the lunar new year, which, for 2018, began on Friday, February 16. This Chinese New Year is year of the dog, one of the 12 animals listed on the Chinese Zodiac, and if your birthday falls under the sign of the dog, it has been predicted that this year of the Brown Earth Dog will be an all-around good year, but an exhausting one, too. According to the Chinese Zodiac website, it predicts that you will “be happy yet frustrated, rested yet tired, cheerful yet dull!” If you want to learn more about the Chinese New Year and this year’s Zodiac animal, here are five interesting facts about “The Year of the Dog.”

Chinese New Year and Zodiac Animals

There are a total of 12 animals on the Zodiac chart. They are: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. The animals are arranged in a cycle that rotates yearly and repeats every twelve years. The lunar calendar operates on 28-day months, and years will range between 353-355 days. The Chinese New Year will move every year, depending on the lunar cycle, and this year’s New Year, 2018, fell on Friday, February 16.

1. Loyalty is a dominant trait of Chinese dogs

It doesn’t matter what culture you come from, most all know that dog’s are some of the most loyal animals there are. The loyalty of a dog is also a centralized quality of the Chinese zodiac as well. There is a saying, according to Travel China Guide, “Dog is man’s good friend who can understand the human spirit and obey its master, whether he is wealthy or not.” The Chinese culture holds the dog in good esteem, recognizing it as a good, promising animal, and so-much-so, that if a dog just so happens to come into a home, this denotes the coming of good fortune. According to Chinese legend, the invincible God Erlang used a breed of dog, the loyal Wolfhound, to help capture monsters. Sounds like something every kid should have at bedtime to help capture all of their nighttime monsters.

2. This is not just the Year of the Dog – More specifically, it’s the Year of the Earth Dog

According to the Chinese Astrology, this is not just any Dog Year, it is the Year of the Earth Dog, which hasn’t happened since 1958. Earth Dog isn’t the only type of dog that’s recognized in the zodiac. There is also the Fire Dog, Wood Dog, Metal Dog, and Water Dog. Each one has its own specific traits and characteristics. The Earth Dog is recognized as being “broad-minded, faithful, considerate, well-disciplined and [sticking] to principles. Along with those attributes, they are also, “grateful, chivalrous, brave and have the courage to take the blame for what they do, thus it’s easy for them to offend somebody.” Those who fall into the Earth Dog category are typically thought of as having clear-cut goals they go after and they do not compromise their integrity when trying to reach their goals. These people stay true to themselves in both success and in failures.

3. Time to train

If this is your year, the Year of the Dog, according to the Chinese Zodiac, this is going to be the perfect time to start training, in many different ways. For one, it’s a great time for you to start getting into better health. Train yourself to get rid of old, bad habits and start new, good habits. Eating healthy, sports, anything that is indicative of a healthier lifestyle. This is also a good time to start training your dog, whether a new pup, or one you have had as a pet for some time. Try teaching him a new trick, a new sport to play, agility skills and more. There is no time like this year to start creating a better bond with your dog by starting to do more together.

4. Here’s how the year will affect you if your were born in:

The most recent years that this Year of the dog is celebrating, includes 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006. According to Chinese Astrology, people who were born in these years are considered to have some amazing traits. They are listed as: “Honest, friendly, faithful, loyal, smart, straightforward, venerable and have a strong sense of responsibility.” Those are all the positive attributes of those born in these years, but that being said, we have to list the negative traits that are also often seen in people born in the listed years. These people tend to be, “Self-righteous, cold, terribly stubborn, slippery, critical of others and not good at social activities.” If you are born in any of these years, see if you agree or disagree with the personality traits listed.

5. Chinese New Year Celebrations are fun and full of fireworks – Humans love them, dogs, not so much! 

The Chinese believe that lighting fireworks is one way to keep bad luck away. It’s tradition to celebrate with lots of fireworks, which means that there will be a lot of bright lights and loud noises going on for hours. Dogs are known to be frightened by fireworks. They get nervous and skittish, and many dogs will try to run from the sound. Anyone planning to go to the celebration ceremony should plan to leave their pup at home during the festivities, and dogs should be left inside if at all possible, to help prevent them getting loose and getting lost. Just in case, however, dogs should always have a collar on with updated contact info in the event they do get lost. If your dog has a severe anxiety issue, you may want to talk to your vet to find out the best way to help your dog remain calm. Sometimes a prescription may be needed just to help him through the holiday celebration and fireworks.

If you are interested in finding out more about the different Chinese New Years and Zodiac, you can learn more about your birth year and Zodiac animal to find out what type of traits and qualities you have, according to the Chinese astrology studies.

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