16 Dogs Found Chained in the Woods in ‘Horrific Conditions’ Rescued

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In July 2022, Animal service workers in Kansas rescued sixteen dogs that were found chained and left to live in awful conditions alone in the woods. Based on the reports released by the investigators, the dogs had wounds from those heavy, thick chains and collars that were worn so tight. KCK Animal Services responded effectively and decided to bring the dogs to an adequate shelter where they could be assessed and given the needed medical attention. One of the KCK Animal Service workers named Scott said,” They found the dogs standing in several inches of mud and water…they were in a terrible condition since no food or water was given to them.” KCK Animal Services Director, Ashley Scott, released an official statement saying that the dogs were taken to one of their animal shelters, where they are being examined and treated. She added, saying that the dogs are incredibly adjusting well to these new conditions and will soon be available for adoption. KCK Animal Services also responded after this horrific event and said that the dogs were adjusting well in their shelters. The dogs are very gentle and sweet to them and the other animals at the shelter. In this guide, we detail how the 16 dogs found chained in the wood in horrific conditions were rescued.


KCK Animal Services were on the KCTV/Gray News headlines after their heroic act of saving sixteen dogs that were found chained in heavy, thick chains and were left alone in the woods. According to NBC-2, the Animal Service workers found the dogs in terrible conditions, with some of them being severely injured and others suffering from illnesses. No food or water was available to them. One of the KCK Animal Service workers reported that the found dogs were standing in several inches of water and mud. The rescuers hiked and decided to use ATVs to safely bring the dogs out of the woods. They had to hike the rest of the way by foot as the trail was too muddy for the military-grade ATV to pass through. After walking for about a quarter-mile into the muddy woods, the dog rescuers could save one dog at a time.

Happy Ending

It was also reported that the dogs were found with some neck injuries caused by the heavy, thick chains and collars found on them. According to Orlandonewsstation, the dogs were later taken to the KCK Animal Shelter where they were accessed and given the needed medical treatment. After executing a search warrant, investigators from Kansas went to access the living conditions of the sixteen rescued dogs in their new environment. Based on their results, the dogs were treated well and lived very comfortably. They seemed so happy and at peace in their new environment. Tare very gentle and adorable dogs to everyone in the animal shelter. Additionally, the KCK Animal Services director reported that the dog was adjusting well and would be ready for adoption soon.

KCK Animal Services

KCK Animal Services is a non-profit organization fully dedicated to balancing the health, safety, and welfare needs of animals and residents of Kansas City. KCK animal shelters provide top-quality human care for stranded animals until they are reclaimed by their owner or adopted into a new family. They also offer a wide array of services that include:

  • Reuniting lost pets with their owners
  • Investigations of animal injuries and other safety concerns
  • Immediate response to animal-related problems and emergencies
  • Education and community outreach
  • Investigations of animal cruelty and animal welfare concerns
  • Provide a wide range of resources to pets and their owners

What should you do when you find a stray dog?

Losing a pet is every pet owner’s worst nightmare; fortunately, there are things you can do to help find your pet. It is often advisable to ensure that your dog wears a tag and collar with your name and contact information so that you can be easily contacted when they get lost. According to Humane Society, here is what you should do when your dog gets lost:

Secure the animal

The first step is to prevent the dog from leaving the scene and ensure the dog is not out of sight. Many stray dogs are usually fearful of people, so you are advised to be persistent and patient. Also, consider buying an animal-rescue kit to keep you well-prepared in case you find a stray dog.

Check for tags and injuries

Once you have ensured the dog is safe, check for any identification and visible injuries. If there is a tag, contact the listed number and inform the dog’s owner that you have found their dog. If the animal is injured, be careful not to infect the affected area and immediately take the dog to the nearest animal shelter.

Inform others

If you have decided to take the dog to an animal shelter, design a flyer and post them within a 2-mile radius surrounding the area where you found the dog. Make sure to include a photo of the animal and your contact information on the flyer.

Be cautious

If you plan on taking the lost home, you are advised to take safety precautions to protect yourself and others of your pets. Check the dog for an illness or pests like fleas; if found, you should immediately use a flea control product. Kansas law requires you to contact the dog warden before adopting the lost dog. You will be allowed to stay with the dog for a certain number of days, where if no one claims ownership of the dog, legal ownership of the dog will be transferred to you.

Final Words

The Animal service workers in Kansas were praised for their heroic act after rescuing sixteen dogs that were found chained in the woods and left alone in dreadful conditions. Some of the dogs had wounds, and others suffered from various illnesses. This rescue team immediately responded to this situation and safely saved the dogs one after the other. Currently, the dogs are recovering at the KCK Animals Services.

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