Rescued Pit Bull Can’t Help But to Touch Everyone’s Hearts


When an animal has been rescued from terrible conditions and now lives in a happy and loving home, their gratitude and happiness are often evident in their behavior. That is certainly the case for Maisy, a rescue Pit Bull who has become famous for her ‘whoos’. Before she was rescued, Maisy was locked in an outdoor kennel for three years, says I Heart Dogs. Her owners were forcing her to mate with other dogs and did not treat her very well. It was certainly not the loving home that she deserved.

After three years of living in these awful conditions, Maisy was still not pregnant. As she was only being kept as a breeding dog, her owners decided they no longer wanted to keep her. They believed that it was a waste of money to buy food for a dog that could not breed. As Maisy’s owners thought she was an ugly dog, they did not believe that anyone else would want her. Therefore, their initial plan was to have the dog euthanized. Fortunately, one of their friends dissuaded them from taking this drastic action and persuaded them to take her to a rescue shelter instead. Thankfully, they agreed to this course of action, and this is when Maisy’s life changed for the better

After arriving at the animal shelter, the staff and volunteers did what they could to help the gray Pit Bull find a new home. This included putting up a post on social media telling Maisy’s story ion the hope of someone coming forward to adopt her. A woman who saw the post believed that Maisy was the ideal pet for her friend, Marisa, so she tagged her in the comments section to make her aware of the post.

Just like Maisy, Marisa had been having a difficult time. She had a Pit Bull for 13 years that sadly died. Shortly after the death of her dog, Marisa’s father died. Tragically, just a year later, Marisa also lost her mom. Following so much tragedy in her life, a new dog was just what Marisa needed to cope with her broken heart. According to Wag Walking, there is scientific evidence that proves that dogs can help humans who are grieving. One reason for this is that spending time with dogs increases oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is the hormone that is released when we feel happy, thus it is known as the feel-good hormone.

Another reason dogs can help with the grieving is the companionship they give. Many people who are grieving feel incredibly lonely and dogs can help to relieve this loneliness. In turn, this helps a person to cope better with grief. Marisa decided that a new dog was the perfect way to help her through the difficult period in her life, and she felt ready to welcome another dog into her home following the sad loss of her beloved Pit Bull.

When Marisa went to see the dog, the pair clicked instantly. Marisa knew that Maisy was the dog for her and agreed to adopt the Pit Bull. When she took Maisy back home for the first time, the dog was clearly very excited. She began to run up and down the driveway making a ‘woo-ing’ noise. It was clear that Maisy realized that it was her new home and that she was very happy about it. To help Maisy settle into her new home, Marisa bought her lots of stuffed toys to play with. This was the first time that Maisy had her own toys and a warm, comfortable bed. Her life was completely different from how she had lived before.

Maisy is not the only animal in Marisa’s household, as she has a big cat called Motor and two horses Fortunately, Maisy gets on well with the other animals. Maisy and Motor became friends immediately, and she loves visiting the horses in the stables. Sometimes, she even curls up in one of the stables for a quick nap. The gray Pit Bull also loves being around people. Whenever her people come home, she gets the zoomies and starts racing around the house excitedly. This is just another aspect of her personality that makes Maisy such a lovable dog.

Marisa has said that Maisy has brought nothing but love and happiness to their lives, and they are so thankful that they have had the opportunity to welcome her into their family. She also believes that her parents would both have loved Maisy if they were still alive. Marisa goes on to describe how Maisy has brought her a huge amount of comfort during one of the most difficult times in her life, and she cannot imagine being without the dog now.

The dog is so adorable and has such a fantastic personality that Marisa wanted to share with others what a fantastic dog Maisy is and how much happiness she brings to other people. She has an Instagram account for Maisy, in which the delightful dog is known as Maisy the Barn Hippo. On this account, Marisa posts lots of photographs and videos of Maisy ‘woo-ing’ in delight around her garden and home. These videos have attracted a lot of attention from dog lovers who have taken great pleasure from watching the little dog’s happiness. The account now has more than 95 thousand followers.

Marisa has used completing the Instagram account profile section as an opportunity to suggest to people that they should consider adopting a rescue dog instead of buying from breeders. She has also used the profile section to let people know that she is against backyard breeding, which was a terrible experience for Maisy. Hopefully, seeing Maisy’s Instagram account will raise awareness of backyard breeding and encourage more people to adopt a rescue dog in need of a loving home to call their own. Maisy is the perfect example of how adopting a rescue can change a dog’s life.

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