This Unloved Pit Bull Was Dumped on a Highway but It’s a Blessing in Disguise

The adorable Pit Bull, now named Maple, was literally dumped on the side of a freeway.  Her new mother, Justine, believes that Maple was being used as a bait dog. Justine saw Maple online at a rescue and submitted an application. She believed Maple was meant to be hers for a very good reason.  Hope you enjoy Maple’s story. 

When Justine first met Maple, she was just 30 lbs and looked like she’d been through a tremendous amount of trauma. 

At the time Justine picked up Maple, her beloved Pit Bull recently passed away.  Justine new that the void she felt from one dog had to be filled. 

Thankfully her application went through and she drove 8 hours away to meet Maple and her foster mom. When Justine arrived, she knew instantly that Maple belonged with her.  It seemed as though Maple felt the same way. 

Maple is thriving right now.  Like we stated earlier, when Justine first got Maple, she was a mere 30lbs.  Now she’s a healthy 60 lbs!  Maple also loves her doggy siblings, especially when they go on adventures together.

Her story is a reminder of how important it is to adopt.  So many deserving animals need forever homes and they’re waiting for loving people just like Justine.  Below are some more pictures and classic quotes from Maple’s Instagram page

Does anyone else look at their dog and say out loud “gosh damn, you are so beautiful?”

There’s that beautiful girl! She is tough as nails and as beautiful as a flower.

The never ending saga of Maple and her hatred of me sitting in the spot she likes to claim.

Nap time.

Nap time part 2. 

Nothing to see here mom. Nothing at all.

Wait for it.  Wait for it!  Enjoy Maple’s video below!

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