Adorable Pit Bull Demands to be Tucked-In at Bedtime

Pit Bull

‘Bedtime with Linda’ is a Tik Tok video that has taken the internet by storm. The video features a dog ‘Linda’ who demands her owner to tuck her in bed. You can find the video on the Tik Tok account @linda_athena shared on March 19 with over 2.2 million videos, 7000 likes, and 284,000 comments. The views keep increasing because the internet family can’t fathom the bossy attitude of Linda. Today, it is no surprise how far dog owners can go to make their furry friends comfortable.

In 2011 we witnessed a hotel magnate who left her Maltese pooch $12 million when she died. Dogs are fascinating and intelligent animals. Research shows that you can compare a dog’s intelligence to a human child of age two to three. In the video, Linda, the dog, can be seen whining on her bed while waiting for Thomas to tuck her in. Her owner laments that it is not even 10:00 PM, and her dog is ready for bed. She finally concedes and helps to smooth out Linda’s bed and then tucks her in. We can see a happy Linda lying down in her bed as her owner covers her and bids her goodnight.


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History of Pit Bulls

There is no in-between love and hate when it comes to pit bulls. It’s either you love or hate them. The reality is we will never conclude the fiery online debate on the position of pit bulls in society. How did pit bulls come to existence? According to Britannica, we can trace the origin of Pit bulls back to the early 19th century in the United Kingdom. Pit Bulls are bred from the original English dogs. These dogs have a close resemblance to the modern-day American Bulldog. They were initially produced to be fighting dogs. Many immigrant families can be seen with pit bulls as part of their families in the early years. Even though pit bulls are fighting dogs, they are also intelligent and friendly animals.

Characteristics of Pit Bulls

Specific physical and behavioral traits characterize different dog breeds. Every dog breed is created to perform a particular job which ranges from hunting, herding livestock, retrieving downed birds, and security. During breeding, breeders go for the top cream breeds that perform their duties to perfection to produce the next generation of resilient dogs.

Physical attributes and born behavior are the main things to consider before breeding. A well-bred possesses the physical attributes required to perform a job and the behavioral characteristics needed to learn a trained task. Pit bulls are descendants of the original English bull-baiting dog initially bred for biting and holding bears, bulls, and other large animals on the face and head. According to Dogtime, in 1800, the government decided to ban the baiting of large animals.

Dog owners shifted to fighting their dogs against each other. The bull-baiting dogs, which are large and slower, were then bred with small and swift dogs like terriers to create athletic and agile dogs meant for chasing other dogs. Pit Bulls are violent dogs, and they are more likely to fight other dogs. The sad part is that most Pit Bulls in our society result from careless breeding.

Many breeders ignore that physical and behavioral attributes are essential qualities to consider before breeding. Random and irresponsible breeding produces dogs with several behavioral predispositions. Dog attacks have been on the rise in the recent past. A study done in 2019 reveals that pit bulls have the highest percentage of dog attacks at 22.5 percent, followed by mixed breed at 21.2 percent and German Shepherds at 17.8 percent. It is valuable to evaluate a dog’s behavior and treat each dog as an individual.

An Expert View of the Video

According to Newsweek, Sara Enos, the president of the American Pit Bull Foundation, blames dog owners for the dangerous behaviors of their pets. According to Sara, any dog breed can be violent, but it all boils down to how you treat your pet. From other videos shared by Thomas (Linda’s owner), we can see that even though Linda is a pit bull, she is friendly, as we can see her snacking on a pumpkin with her Rottweiler sister Athena. We can also see her chasing her mom on a zip line and bopping a talk button in a duck onesie. Her friendly and calm behaviors overpower her violent nature, which is a ripple effect of how her owners have raised her.

Raising a friendly and intelligent dog requires socialization. Socialization is preparing your dog to interact with humans and other dogs in a calm and friendly way. In dogs, socialization is acclimatizing your dog to his surroundings. It involves gently introducing new sounds, people, smells, experiences, and animals in the friendliest, neutral and positive way. Socialization helps to ensure that you raise a well-mannered dog and is flexible to adjust to different situations. Socialization is important because it builds self-confidence in dogs.

Dogs which have not been adequately socialized are always fearful and timid when they encounter anything. Fear may be expressed in terms of aggression or cowering in a corner when there is heavy rain with thunderstorms. It is fun to be around a well-socialized dog. The dog is always cheerful and looks forward to new experiences and meeting new people. They can make friends easily with other dogs, and they are easy to manage when you go on a vacation. It is essential to socialize with your dog correctly. Remember, the earlier you start, the better, and in the end, you will have a calm, friendly, well-adjusted, and well-rounded dog.


From the comment section, we can see many followers are perplexed by Linda’s behavior, and at the same time, many agree that it all depends on how you raise your dog. It all depends on how you train your dog. As Sara Enos says, “Any dog from any breed can be aggressive, it matters how it’s treated.”

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