Miami Valley Pit Crew Nails It With This Message for Pit Bull Owners

Not sure if you guys are familiar with the Miami Valley Pit Crew but they just posted a message about Pit Bulls that we simply couldn’t ignore.   If you’re a pit bull owner or someone who advocates for these dogs, please read this:

If you’re truly being a responsible Pit Bull advocate and/or owner you are doing whatever it takes to insure the safety, AND comfortability of those around you.

Sadly, people are still afraid of you and your dog, and when a dog is cutting his airway off and looking and sounding like a freight train coming right for you, spit flying and eyes wide, what are your neighbors to think? Let’s be honest for a moment.

We deal with this breed daily, but when THAT person is coming towards you, and we’ve all seen and dealt with them, we move. And then we judge. It’s not ok to have a dog acting like this in public. YOU ARE ADDING TO THE STIGMA BY ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN.

There are still too many of you out here who think tools are bad. It’s ridiculously insane to have tools at your disposal to make your job as a dog owner easier, but refuse to use them, because you’re afraid of what someone will think, OR more often, you don’t want to hurt your dog’s feelings.

Anything you use on, or for, an animal has the potential to hurt them. Flat collars can choke, swallowed toys/blankets/objects can obstruct, leashes can hang, crates can trap, clothes can choke. The list goes on.

Like these other things, tools can hurt if not used properly, BUT, used properly they can spare you a lot of drama. The Miami Valley Pit Crews uses and advocates for the proper use of tools when teaching dogs how to behave in public. We do not want our dogs (or yours) scaring people when they walk down the street or go on field trips.

These collars do not hurt your dog, and are actually safer on a walk than a flat collar if you want to get down to particulars, because they wont damage their windpipe. They also enable you to enjoy your walk, because you don’t have to worry about Mr Wigglesworth’s exuberance ruining yours, or someone else’s day.

Make sure they fit properly, always supervise when in use, and remove after use. Never leave them on longer than an outing, and never leave them on in a crate or around the house or yard.

Responsible pet ownership begins and ends with your dogs behavior and how they’re perceived by the outside world. Don’t add to the drama by ignoring the issue. Everyone will be better for it, and you’ll be a heckin lot less stressed out.
Use the tools.

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