Pit Bull’s Recovery is Nothing Short of Miraculous Thanks to Toddler Who Never Gave up on Her

Using the word “shopping” when it comes to getting a dog just doesn’t feel right does it?  There’s a phrase that goes something like “shop, don’t adopt.”  But that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense if you ask us.  Finding a dog is a personal choice. 

And when it’s personal it certainly shouldn’t feel like “shopping” should it?  After all, you’re not just getting a pet, you’re getting a new member of your family. 

Which is why this adorable girl “G” never once hesitated when choosing her next family member.  G noticed a pooch who was shaking and she didn’t even hesitate in choosing which dog she would take home with her. 

G’s mother, Audra Spurio, recorded an adorable video of her child pointing to a sickly pit bull in the back of the kennel.

It Wasn’t Even Close

Most people passed up this old and sick pit bull who spent all day hiding in the back of her kennel, but G saw her and immediately had to meet her.  She screamed out “Mommy, that one!”  The dog didn’t have name and she stunk like mange.  G then said “Let the doggy out.  Need help.” 

The poor dog panicked and initially refused to walk when G’s parents tried to take her out. However, G took to a leash and the dog immediately warmed up to her. 

The Washington Post says that pit bulls spend three times as long at shelters compared to other dogs. The breed has a bad reputation they don’t deserve. “Being labeled a pit bull can doom a shelter dog’s chances of adoption.” 

G didn’t care what the pit bull looked or smelled like. G saw beyond all of that. All she wanted was to give her new hope.

The dog, Audra, was given the new name Scarlett and soon they were doing the necessary paperwork to process the adoption. It was like these two gentle souls were meant to cross paths in life, and they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.

Scarlett is now at home and feeling much better

She won’t let G out of her site

Is this not the perfect pair?

How could anyone leave this dog after seeing her?  Thankfully G didn’t.

Here’s the video:

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