Terrified Dog Trapped In Rubble Finds Hope After Being Rescued By Kind Stranger

On her first search of a dilapidated apartment building in St. Louis, Missouri, Donna Lochmann, Chief Life Saving Officer of Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL), was unable to locate the dog that had been reported by a Good Samaritan.

However, with the temperature decreasing and further reports of barking coming in from within the building, Lochmann made the decision to return and continue the search. On this occasion, she was successful in finding the missing animal.

The Approach

As Lochmann approached the back of the building, she spotted a dog lying in the grass. When the animal ran towards the rear of the building and disappeared inside, Lochmann followed. Despite her efforts, the dog eluded her and she was unable to locate it on her own. Determined to find the missing pup, Lochmann returned to the shelter and enlisted the help of her colleagues.

The following day, the team returned to the building and methodically searched each room. As they continued their search, they heard barking coming from one of the apartments. Upon investigating, they discovered the scared dog, trembling and shaking, lying amidst the rubble.

The Dog was Afraid

Despite the cold weather, Lochmann recognized that the dog’s shaking was a result of fear rather than discomfort. She was moved by the animal’s distress, stating that it had been some time since she had seen an animal shake so hard with fear.  It was a heartbreaking sight, but Lochmann remained determined to help the scared dog find safety and comfort.

In order to safely remove the dog from the building, Lochmann determined that it would be best to use a plastic crate instead of attempting to walk the animal out on a leash.

This decision was made not only because the building’s condition posed physical challenges, but also because leading the dog out on a leash might have further stressed her. Lochmann used the leash to guide the dog into the crate and promptly closed the door behind her.

The animal quickly calmed down once inside the crate. Video footage of the rescue can be viewed here:

Lochmann and her team carefully carried the crate out of the building and loaded it into their vehicle. The dog, whom Lochmann named Habenero, was transported back to the shelter and underwent a medical evaluation, which she passed with no issues. While Habenero was in good physical health, she was understandably a bit nervous upon arriving at the shelter.

Habanero eventually adjusted

Initially, Habanero was quite scared, but she began to settle in quickly. Within a few days, she stopped growling and no longer shook when approached. Habanero has been spending time with Lochmann and the team at the shelter, gradually becoming more comfortable with her surroundings. They enjoy going on walks in the neighborhoods surrounding the shelter and spending quality time together.

As Habanero has become more accustomed to her surroundings, Lochmann believes that she is now ready to be placed in a foster home. While this transition will be another change for the 7-year-old dog, Lochmann is confident that Habanero will adapt well.

She remarked that while Habanero may need some time to adjust to her new environment, she is confident that the dog will eventually thrive in her foster home. Overall, Lochmann is pleased that Habanero is no longer trembling and is able to feel more comfortable and secure.

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