Dunkin’s New Dog Treats And Toys Are Helping Kids In Need


The Dunkin’ Joy Childhood foundation was founded in 2016. Five years later, it is still going strong thanks to the support of franchisees, employees, restaurant patrons. According to their website, Dunkin’ Joy understands the most effective way for the foundation to work is to support their franchises’ communities. Many of the employees and franchise owners volunteer their time at local fundraisers and other community events. Additionally, they partner with food banks and children’s hospitals. This filters into the nonprofit’s mission, “maximize our impact for kids who need joy the most.”


Dunkin’ Joy is partnering with another company for the second year in a row to support its mission. The Original Bark Company is the maker of Bark Box, a monthly subscription service for dogs. According to their website, Bark Good tries to give back because they want to provide well-constructed toys for dogs and provide resources for dogs to have great homes. They do this by advocating for fostering pets as well as dog-friendly spaces. Additionally, they work with communities for prevention services and more resources for rehoming. As the site states, “we strive to make the world a better place for dogs and their people.” Bark is a great choice to design the toys since the entire company continually looks at data and numbers to determine the best toys for dogs. In fact, they are known as the “most dog-centric company.” Their website boasts different types of toys for everyone, for big dogs and small ones. Additionally, they have numerous custom collections.

That being said, they will undoubtedly design something sure to please every pup while their owner gets a side of goodwill with their morning java. Dunkin’ Joy Childhood’s collaboration with The Original Bark Company is an excellent match because both focus on community activism and helping people lead better lives. Moreover, people who have pets have a better quality of life because the animals they spend their time with providing them joy and much-needed stress relief in an uncertain world. It’s incredible what can happen when two nonprofits team up for the greater good. An offshoot of Dunkin’ is Dogs for Joy. This part of the nonprofit not only helps kids it also allows dogs. Dogs for Joy strives to help bring dogs to hospitals to help kids facing life-threatening illnesses and who need more reassurance. It’s a beautiful mission because anytime pets are around, everyone’s mood elevates. That’s why Dunkin Donuts is making sure dogs get special treats when visiting.

Dog treats

Since dogs can’t enjoy a delicious cup of Dunkin Joe, the restaurant is offering pup cups, available on August 4. Anyone who donates a dollar to Dunkin’ Joy Childhood Foundation will receive a Cup for Pup, a four-ounce whipped cream shop in a cup designed explicitly for the four-leggeds. This will also give them a little extra energy to chase their new toy around the dog park. The natural attraction for dogs at the restaurant is the Bark Company-designed toys. According to C-Store Decisions, Dunkin Donuts features two toys they hope dogs will love and inspire them to be active. One is a treat-dispensing Dunkin’ coffee cup, and the other is a Dunkin’ Donut bag with a squeaker inside. Patrons who donate 12 dollars will receive the Dunkin coffee cup, which crinkles to catch dogs’ attention. It also has a small space at the top for pet parents to hide a treat. The other toy is available for a 15 donation. It’s a Dunkin Domutt To-Go 2-in-1 toy. It also crinkles, squeaks, and has space to add a treat. However, instead of being a coffee mug, it’s a Dunkin Donuts to-go bag filled with a pink donut with sprinkles.

The foundation hopes that these fundraisers will bring even more awareness to their mission, to help children battling hunger or illness. Dunkin Joy Childhood is always searching for new ways to educate the public about these issues. Last year’s collaboration between Bark and Dunkin’ collected over $2 million for Dogs For Joy which began in 2018 and brings dogs to hospitals to visit sick children, easing the onslaught of emotions for both kids and families dealing with life-threatening illnesses. Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood has already funded twenty-six service animals at fifteen different hospitals. They have given more than $30 million to their own foundation since its inception in 2006, and they plan to provide another $7 million this year. You can sign up for a Bark Box subscription for your dog for those who don’t have a Dunkin Donuts nearby. Then, on August 26, you can purchase the limited-time toys as add ons. Not only will you be helping a good cause, but you’ll also be giving your dogs more opportunities for your dogs to get up and get active.

Final Thoughts

Coffee is one of those things many people can’t do without. However, if you’re on the way somewhere with your dog in the back of your car, don’t forget Dunkin’s new promotion. Just make sure your next stop is the dog park. After all, they’ll have a little bit of sugar in their system and a new toy to burn off some of that energy. Right now, there is a lot of uncertainty in the world and a lot of negativity. It’s nice that companies like Dunkin donuts are working to make the world a little brighter and giving people the opportunity to help a little bit in their community as an add-on with their coffee. Dunkin’s new toys will be great additions to your dog’s toy collection, and before they are chewed into oblivion will be a constant reminder of a good deed you did for your community. Even after the toy is long gone, you’ll undoubtedly have some great pictures on your social media until next year when Dunkin Donuts hopefully does the promotion again.

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