Garbage Truck Driver Saves Dog in Dumpster from Getting Crushed


Numerous studies show how having a dog can be beneficial for your health. They offer unconditional love when their human is sad. When you’re anxious, spending a few minutes with them may help you forget about your issues, particularly since they need to go for walks several times a day, so you’ll probably make new friends in your area. Some individuals even upload photos of themselves with their dogs on dating sites to demonstrate how caring they are. Even though dogs love us unconditionally, some people do not return that love to their pets. They pick out an ill-suited one for their lifestyle or pick out an adorable puppy at the local shelter without thinking about how it will grow into an 80-pound dog. Sadly after the shine wears off or they have a new girlfriend, the dog becomes an afterthought and returns to where they got them. Even though many people don’t have another option besides surrendering their animals, people do more insidious actions out of desperation; they leave their pets on the street. Many dogs are simply left in the streets because their owners decide that they don’t fit into their lifestyle because of a new house, marriage, or child. Rather than seeing the dog as a member of the family and knowing that they would never leave someone outdoors without a place to go, people abandon their dogs by the side of the road and drive away. A puppy was placed in a trash can by its owner in Virginia last week and was saved by a sanitation worker. If he hadn’t seen him before he loaded the dumpster, it would have been too late.

Petersburg Virginia rescue

Jermaine Jackson has worked for the city of Old Towne Petersburg for 26 years. He is also a loving doggy daddy himself. It was a typical day at work, although, at one location, he made a disturbing discovery. He had already hoisted the dumpster to dump its contents into his truck when a dog’s head popped out. If she hadn’t, she would have been crushed in with the rest of the trash. Jackson lowered the dumpster and saw a little dog with her tail wagging. Afterward, he made a small shelter for the dog because it was raining outside. Unfortunately, animal control was closed, so he took the dog a few doors to a neighbors house.

According to Yahoo, when Jackson and the dog arrived at Frances Vershuure’s house, they got her some food and blankets and just sat outside with her while waiting for animal control to open. As the trio interacted, they noticed she was happy without a touch of aggression. Despite undoubtedly being afraid, she warmed up to both of them. Once animal control arrived, they made a startling discovery. The bulldog had recently given birth. Even though the dog was safe with animal control, Jackson still couldn’t shake how awful it was for her to be abandoned in such a horrific manner.

As he said, “I got two dogs of my own, and I could never think about throwing them in the trash can just because I couldn’t take care of them,” he told WTVR. “You wouldn’t want nobody to throw you in the trash can if they couldn’t take care of you.” He still believes the dog was not in the dumpster accidentally because she would have been too short to climb inside where it was situated. Additionally, he noted that many loving families wanted to adopt animals that there was no reason to throw her away. It’s unclear where she is now. She isn’t listed as an adoptable dog at the Petersburg Animal Care & Control. Jackson said the look on her face when he rescued her was one of complete gratitude. Animal lovers can hope that the lucky bulldog winds up in a forever home with humans who will never abandon her again.

Surrendering animals

In an article, dosomething reported staggering statistics. Almost 8 million animals enter shelters every year. Of these, half are ones found on the streets. Nearly 3 million dogs and cats are killed in shelters every year because there aren’t enough forever homes for these animals. Only 1 in 10 dogs will spend their lives in a comfortable home. Tragically, many more will be left on the streets to fend for themselves. According to Psychology Today, Jessica Pierce Ph.D talks about the apathy some people have towards their pets. Pierce discusses her experience at a local animal shelter and watching animal after animal being surrendered because the owners either don’t have time, have too many pets, or just don’t want to invest the time necessary for proper care. As Pierces states, “We are all responsible for the plight of animals because we live in a culture that encourages impulsive acquisition of pets, that sells animals as objects for human entertainment in the home, and that allows irresponsible behavior to continue unchecked.”

Final Thoughts

Even though dogs can’t speak like their owners can, it doesn’t mean they don’t have emotions and don’t feel scared or hurt. Pet lovers understand how their animals feel and would never dream of disregarding one like the sweet bulldog in Petersburg, Virginia. Yet, some pet owners leave their animals on the side of the road or dump them in the trash for unfathomable reasons. Stanley Coren once said, “the greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them.” Imagine how a dog must feel watching its owner drive off and wondering what it did that was so terrible. Even though some dogs may exhibit behaviors we don’t like, they have hearts of pure gold and would never abandon their owners the way some of them choose to leave a helpless dog stranded in the rain.

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