Website Warns You About Sad Scenes Involving Dogs

If you are an animal lover and the sort of person who can get emotional watching a film, then it is possible that you are deeply affected by any scenes that involve the injury or death of a dog. You may find yourself covering your eyes so that you do not see some parts of a film or crying uncontrollably about what you have seen. Now, it is possible to avoid this situation thanks to a website that features spoilers about upsetting scenes involving animals in films, says I Heart Dogs. Better still, it does not just give warnings about emotional scenes in films. It also has emotional spoilers for video games, television series, books, and more. You will find all these spoilers on a website called

Currently, the website’s database has information about more than eight hundred television series and over four thousand films. All you need to do when you visit this website is type into the search box the name of a film you are thinking about watching. If the film is already on the database, then a list of comments by other users will appear. These comments relate to specific scenes in the film you have searched and will tell you if a dog is harmed or killed at any point in the film. Some comments also list any other animals that feature in the film, series, game or book. Two examples of films that you might search for that are included in the database are ‘Goosebumps’ and Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, as both these films feature scenes with animals and both have received descriptive comments from users on the website.

A search for the 2015 movie ‘Goosebumps’ reveals that there is a scene in which a vampire poodle appears. One commenter writes that this implies that the dog was killed to become a vampire, although this is not shown in the film. Therefore, the scene featuring the vampire dog is not something that will distress dog lovers. When searching for ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, you will learn that a dog appears in a violent scene in the film. The dog attacks two people in the scene, and then one of the people hits the dog back. In the same film, viewers will see a rat caught in a trap and a horse being ridden. However, none of the animals featured in the film are killed, and the dog did not appear distressed when it was punched. Although the focus of the website is whether there are emotional scenes featuring dogs, the comments also reveal other scenes that are potentially upsetting to some viewers. For example, people have written comments relating to scenes featuring car crashes, graphic violence, and sexual assault. While some people find such scenes exciting elements of a film, others can find them disturbing and would prefer not to see any content of this type.

The information about each film is collated by user responses to a list of 60 triggers that appear under the title of each film. Each of the triggers requires a straightforward yes or no response. One of the questions is whether a dog dies in the film or not. Some of the questions are more subjective, and this means that users sometimes disagree in their responses. Users can then give further information about the scenes in the comments section. This gives them the chance to write a detailed description of the scene and to explain which aspects of the scenes are troubling. Often, several people write comments about the same scenes, so you can get different perspectives and opinions about the content. One of the positives of the website is that it is very easy to use. Not only can you find out about a film to decide whether to watch it or not and to prepare yourself for any emotional scenes, but you can also share your film knowledge with others. Once you have set up a free account on the site, you can contribute to the data by adding responses to the films that you have watched to build up the database and help other users.

There are only two downsides to the website. The first is that not every film is listed on the site. If you want to find out about new or obscure films, then it is unlikely that the film is currently on the site. However, this situation will improve over time as more people use the site. If there are more users then more films will get added to the site, which will increase the amount of data available for users. Another downside to the site is that it is full of spoilers. By reading the comments before watching the film, you will find out what happens. In some cases, the information only reveals what happens to the animals, but some comments also give away a lot of information about other aspects of the storyline. This can potentially spoil your enjoyment of watching the film as you will know what is going to happen next.

However, there are some who do not find these spoilers a bad thing. If a person is emotional and they do not like watching scenes that may upset them, having the information in advance of watching the film prepares them and they know which sections to skip. The information may even make them decide it is better to choose another film rather than being upset by watching scenes they find distressing. Whether it is a good thing to have spoilers is a subject that will divide opinion. Therefore, there are some people who will find using this site helpful, while others may prefer to avoid it. If you are the sort of person who cannot bear to watch footage that involves the injury or death of an animal, then it is a site worth joining.

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