Ten Awesome Dogs from Video Games


Just like cats, man’s best friend is a returning character in every genre. As such we thought it might make sense to select those video game dogs—from games both old and new—which are usually portrayed as companions; sidekicks who can both help us with minor tasks and save us in the most difficult of situations. Here are ten awesome dogs from video games….


King from Earthbound – He doesn’t stick around very long, but King accompanies you throughout the first spooky moments of EarthBound’s alien invasion. He then stays home because he’s smart and doesn’t want to get attacked!


Poochy from Super Mario Land 2: Yoshi’s Island – His invulnerability to lava is the only thing keeping Baby Mario and Yoshi from suffering horrible third-degree burns. And when you’re done, he has the common courtesy to sacrifice himself in a pool of the stuff. What a pal.


That Dog from Resident Evil 4 – Rescuing That Dog from a bear trap in Resident Evil 4 rewards you with a little extra help in the game’s first El Gigante boss fight. We hope this act spreads the message of violence-based retribution throughout the animal kingdom


Laughing Dog from Duck Hunt – Everyone knows this dog. He might be one of the more annoying dogs in video games but he’s the only one who’s got the courage to laugh at a human holding a rifle.


Your Dog in Fable II – Fable II is probably the only game where your dog accurately reflects your moral barometer. If this happened in real life, we’d all benefit from the added perspective


Angelo in Final Fantasy VIII – Upon his introduction in Final Fantasy VIII, Angelo doesn’t appear to be much more than your average pooch. But when you learn his true role as a Limit Break on four legs, things get weird.


Dog Meat in Fallout 3 – In a postapocalyptic wasteland, sometimes it’s just good to have someone to hang out with. Dogs are a great resource in fighting off the inevitable loneliness


The Nintendogs from Nintendogs – Laugh all you want at the Nintendogs and their cute little hats; they can buy and sell you, and feel no remorse. It’s easy to see why: Nintendogs make girls melt like butter


Sam from The Sam and Max Series – Sam doesn’t let that he’s a dog stop him from having opposable thumbs and a complete, Chandler-esque mastery of the English language.


Amaterasu from Okami – Amaterasu’s more wolf than dog, but she’s also the mother of all creation, so let’s not split hairs.

Thanks to 1UPfor these amazing calls.

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