Woman Who Let 11 Dogs Suffer in Hot Travel Gets What She Deserved

Nothing is more upsetting to animal lovers than hearing about animals suffering from neglect or abuse. While all stories of this type are distressing, there are some that stand out as being especially shocking. That was certainly the case when it was reported that a woman had left 11 dogs locked in a hot trailer. If you have ever sat in a car on a hot day, then you will know how uncomfortable it is in this situation. Imagine how you would feel if you were in this situation, and you also did not have food or water. Sadly, this is exactly the position in which a cruel woman left her 11 helpless dogs, says Ron Project. According to the reports, this case was so shocking that the officers involved were left horrified by their discoveries.

Initial Reports

On August 8, 2020, a man from Brooksville, Florida, made an emergency 911 call. He said that he had been bitten by a group of dogs that were roaming the streets. Unfortunately, the man then got disconnected from the call. Then another call was made to the emergency services. The second caller said that there were three dogs, but that two of them had run off before the third dog ran to a travel trailer on California Street. When the emergency services arrived at the scene, it was discovered that the first caller had serious dog bites to his legs. Therefore, he was taken by paramedics to a local hospital to receive urgent medical treatment to his wounds.

The Shocking Discovery

Next to arrive on the scene were the Animal Enforcement Officers. Although the officers were able to capture two of the dogs, they needed to enter the trailer to impound them and locate the third dog. Nothing could have prepared them for what they saw, and their discovery left them shocked and in disbelief. Although they had expected to find the missing dog from the streets inside the travel trailer, that dog was nowhere to be seen, they found an emaciated dog with her eight newborn puppies. It was the adult female that the officers had seen first. The officers were shocked to note that the dog’s hip, back, and rib bones were jutting out from her body. It wasn’t until the officers removed the adult female dog that they realized there were also puppies in the trailer. The puppies were hot to the touch and soaked in sweat due to the extreme temperatures. All the animals had been left in a trailer where the temperature was 108 degrees. The temperature inside the trailer was so hot that even one of the animal enforcement officers needed treatment after they suffered from heat exhaustion.

Identifying the Dog Owner

Later, the dogs’ owner was identified as Colleen Meyer, and it was a traffic offense that unexpectedly led to her arrest in relation to animal cruelty. Deputy Harsanyi from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office came across Meyer while he was conducting a stint of traffic enforcement on Wisconsin Road, Brooksville. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office used their Facebook page to recount details of what happened on that day. Apparently, Deputy Harsanyio had seen Meyer driving with a broken windshield, and this led to him conducting a traffic stop. When Harsanyi approached Meyer’s vehicle, he saw an adult pitbull-mix dog on the passenger seat. The male dog was gray, matching the description of the dog that remained unaccounted for in the investigation relating to the dogs in the trailer and the attack on the man.

The Warrant for Her Arrest

Honorable Judge Donald Barbee signed the warrant that was issued for Meyer’s arrest concerning charges of nine counts of animal cruelty. The warrant stated that Meyer was negligent and had put the animals’ lives in serious danger. Specifically, the charges related to leaving one adult female and eight puppies in dangerous conditions.

Why You Should Not Leave Your Dog in the Car

Most responsible dog owners know that you should never leave any animal in a hot car or trailer. They also know that dogs need extra water during the hot weather. Therefore, it is clearly a serious case of neglect that Meyer left her dogs in such hot conditions and left them without food or water. According to The Humane Society of the United States, there are serious health implications if you leave any pet unattended in high temperatures. The short-term risk is that your pet will suffer from heat stress. Symptoms of heat stress include heavy panting, a rapid pulse, unsteadiness or staggering, a dark red or purple tongue, and vomiting. If your pet is suffering from any of these symptoms, then you need to take action immediately. In severe cases, heat stress can lead to brain damage, or your pet can die from heatstroke or suffocation.

You should remove your dog from the environment, causing the heat stress, and take measures to rehydrate them and cool them down. Some steps to take are offering your dog water, placing wet towels on their back, and sprinkling them with water. These steps can help to relieve the symptoms of heat stress. Of course, prevention is better than cure. You can prevent these situations from arising and remove your dog’s risk from suffering from these symptoms if you never leave your dog in a hot car or trailer. Also, making sure your dog has water in a hothouse can make a significant difference. If you see another animal locked in a car or trailer in hot conditions, you should ring the appropriate authorities. Make sure you take the vehicle registration number to give to the authorities. If the car is parked close to a shop or a business, it is worth informing the shop or business owner to make an announcement that may lead to the pet owner coming forward to release their pet.

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