Orphaned Baby Squirrel Follows Pitbull Home, and Now They’re Best Friends

Love knows no age, no limits, no physical beauty, and no death; hence we have seen strange relationships stemming from the unlikeliest of circumstances. However, until you read the story of how an orphaned baby squirrel followed a sweet Pitbull home, and now they are in love, you may still not understand what it means to have a transcendental love. It may not be the first incident to go viral, and we certainly hope it is not the last since even animals could use a little more affection, even if it’s not from their kind. Check out how the Pitbull, Everly, became a guardian angel to a baby squirrel.

It Started With a Walk

Morgan Joy Groves, Everly’s human mum, took the dog on her usual afternoon walk around the neighborhood when they saw a baby squirrel. It seemed lost and alone, so Morgan looked around to see if she would see any of the squirrel’s family, but there was none. When it was time to go home, the squirrel figured it was its chance to take charge of its destiny by getting the dog to be its new mum. So, it followed Morgan and Everly home. Once Everly lay down to rest after the long walk, the squirrel took advantage of the opportunity to make an impression; therefore, it climbed onto Everly’s back and slept there. Funny enough, Everly did not move. According to Go Animals, that was the beginning is an inseparable bond between the Pitbull and the squirrel as Everly was determined to be the best mother she could be to the orphan. She treated it like one of her puppies by grooming it, taking care of it, and showering it with lots of affection. Morgan was also amazed by how the animals loved each other hence documented the strange relationship and shared it on social media, which drew lots of fans.

It Ended With a Tough Decision

Morgan and Everly had their best interests at heart when they welcomed the orphaned baby squirrel into their home, but Reddit users helped them see the potential risks. For instance, some pointed out that the rodent could have diseases that it could transmit. Others added that a squirrel needed to be with its rodent family for better chances of survival. As a result, Morgan made the sad decision to break up “mother and child” for the squirrel’s sake. As reported on Ron Project (http://www.ronproject.com/baby-squirrel-follows-pitbull-home/), she surrendered the baby to a wellness center where it would be with other squirrels. That way, it would be prepared to be in the wild when the time to be released into the forest came. The two animals may never cross paths again, but the encounter will forever be engraved in their hearts. The tender care saved the squirrel’s life, while for the Pitbull, it prepared her for the future role of a mother to her puppies.

Dogs and Cats Defy Nature

For a long time, we have come to believe that cats and dogs can never get along, but they keep proving us wrong as one odd pair of Pittie and Kitty did. According to Animal Channel, Pittie had given birth to her litter of puppies, but they were taken away from her. Being a homeless dog, a junkyard man took care of her, and since Pittie’s motherly instinct was still high, she adopted a kitten, Kitty. She nursed and groomed Kitty as if it was one of her puppies, and when the rescue team from Dallas DogRRR arrived, they called the encounter one of stars aligning. Pittie’s milk was drying up and had they not rescued the pair, Kitty would have died. The bonding shocked the veterinarian, Dr. Hamlin, who confessed that in his 28-year career, never had he seen such an unusual pair.

Forget the many reasons we have been warned to steer clear of a Pitbull; sometimes, Pitbulls want to be mothers and only need a chance to prove they can be the best. Such was the case with Bubba, who Rebecca adopted at three months old. According to Little Things, Bubba fell in love with the kittens that Rebecca’s roommate owned, making Rebecca promise that she would get the dog a kitten of his own to care for once she got her own place. Bubba was excited to adopt Rue, a kitten, six years later, when Rebecca moved to New York. Rue assumed Bubba to be her mother, although Bubba is a male dog. Still, he took up the mother role seriously, often grooming his kitten, and the two became the best of friends as they ate and napped together.

A Pitbull Charms his Way to a Student’s Heart

Pitbulls are said to be aggressive animals that need to be handled with caution, but the truth is, every animal, when pushed to the limit, will fight back. However, sometimes they do not have the strength to fight back, and it is up to us, humans, to be their advocates. That was the case with Maddy, a grad student who kept seeing how her neighbor would leave his Pitbull in a crate without food and water for days. Her pleas for him to be humane fell on deaf ears, and when she could no longer take the suffering of the Pitbull, Maddy decided to foster the dog until she was in a better shape to be adopted.

According to Discover Pup, Rose, the Pitbull, took the chance to worm her way into Maddy’s heart by cuddling with the student when they slept. Rose’s charming behavior won Maddy over, and she eventually adopted her. All that Rose needed was a loving family, and she found that in Maddy and her parents, who for once allowed a dog on their furniture. The Pitbull had managed to also convince Maddy’s parents that she was a special dog, and she could not hide the love she had for Maddy’s father.

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