Dog and Woman Undertake Interesting Late Night Puppy Saving Adventure

Playground Puppies

A mother will do everything she can to make sure her young are safe and healthy, and this is something that applies to animals throughout the animal kingdom. In a desperate situation, they will even take extreme measures to make sure that their young come to no harm, even if this means getting the help of a stranger. I Heart Dogs tells the story of a woman who was working as a bartender. When she finished work in the early hours of the morning, she left the building and saw that there was a female dog sat waiting for her. The dog looked anxious and was pacing backward and forward. This gave the bartender the impression that the dog needed some sort of help. As an animal lover, she knew that she couldn’t leave the dog alone, so she decided to approach the dog to find out what she needed and to try and help her.

When the dog began to walk away from the bar, it was clear that the dog was expecting the woman to follow her, and she kept looking back to check that the woman was still with her. As the pair weaved through the local streets, the woman had no idea where the dog was leading her. The woman was extremely curious about where they were going and what the dog wanted. Nothing could have prepared the woman for what happened next, and it was something she could never have expected, nor had she seen anything like it before. The dog had led her into a children’s playground and then stopped by a child’s jungle gym. To her surprise, the woman saw that underneath the slide, there was a litter of eight, newborn puppies. To stop them from getting cold and to keep them safe, their mother had partially buried them in the mulch. The fact that the dog had such a strong maternal instinct was something that the bartender thought was amazing to witness.

Unable to take the mother and puppies home to help them herself, the woman contacted a local animal shelter to see if they could do anything to help out this caring mom and her pups. Fortunately, the Terre Haute Humane Society was able to both the mom and her pops a place in their shelter until they could find them all a new home. Once the family of dogs had arrived at the shelter, the humane society staff decided to call the mother Jersey. The staff created an area for Jersey and her pups where they could all feel comfortable together. They all agreed that it was delightful to watch Jersey demonstrating her natural motherly instincts. Sarah Valentine, who works for the humane society said that it is relatively common for people to find a dog with a litter. However, she has never heard of a situation before where the mother dog has sought help from a stranger and led them to her newborn litter. This makes Jersey’s case very unusual. It shows that a dog’s maternal instincts are just as strong as that of a human mother and that dogs will go to any lengths possible to protect their young.

As the puppies are so young, they are not ready for adoption yet. They need to stay with Jersey so that she can continue to feed them and groom them. Since arriving at the shelter, the puppies have received their first vaccinations. Once they have been weaned from Jersey and completed all their vaccinations, they will then be put up for adoption. Jersey has now been neutered to prevent her from having any more pups that may end up in a shelter. As soon as she is no longer needed to care for the pups, she will also be ready to find her forever home and have a second chance in life. Valentine says that both mom and her puppies are doing great. The puppies have become much more playful as they have grown bigger, and the staff has begun to wean them onto food. She has described the pups as being energetic and curious and said that they all have their own personalities. One of the pups likes to try and sneak out of the pen when it thinks that nobody is looking. Although the pups are a handful, they will make fantastic family pets.

As soon as Jersey and her pups are ready for adoption, the staff will put their best effort into finding them each a loving, forever home with someone who will take good care of them. They will put all the dogs on their website in a bid to find them all homes. They will also feature on the humane society’s Facebook page. It is expected that this will happen sometime in March 2020. In the meantime, it is taking a lot of time, effort, and money to care for so many dogs. The eight pups plus their mum need a lot of care and attention. They are taking up a large space in the shelter, and there are a lot of mouths to feed now that the pups are being weaned. The arrival of so many dogs at once means that a lot of the staff’s time is taken up caring for Jersey and her fur babies. This situation means that the shelter needs all the help they can get right now. They need volunteers who are willing to give their time to help care for Jersey and her brood. Donations are also a necessity to pay for their food, care, and vaccinations. Without the support of animal lovers willing to give their time money, or donations of dog food, the shelter would not have the resources to care for dogs like Jersey and her pups. Therefore, continued support from the public is a necessity for the shelters to continue offering places to dogs with litters.

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