Hero Dog’s Frantic Barking Leads Biker to Abandoned Baby

When you drive down the road and you see a stray dog running around the neighborhood, don’t be too quick to judge the inherent value of this animal. Appearances can be deceiving. This could be a lost pet that is trying to find its way home. He could be a discarded pet that has no other place to go, but as to his character, the following story shows us that you never know how brave and kind a stray can be. Some of them have been known to save human lives.

A heartwarming story from the Philippines

The story of a brave pooch in search of his home, who took the time to stop and help a baby in distress has touched the hearts of everyone who reads about it. The story was shared in Yahoo’s lifestyle articles. A biker was riding his motorcycle through Sibonga, Cebu in the Philippines. Junrell Fuentes Revilla was surprised when a small dog came up to him barking. The animal refused to stop barking, as though he was trying to tell the motorcyclist something. There was a sense of urgency in the dog’s communication that made the rider believe he needed to follow the dog to find out what was going on. The dog was running at his top speed and he led the rider to a spot near a dumpsite where there was a pile of rubble. Lying near the debris on a patch of grass was a newborn baby wrapped in a brown blanket. The baby had not been delivered long ago as the umbilical cord was still attached. Revilla got the baby to the hospital immediately and then filed a report with the local police.

A happy ending for the baby and the heroic dog

The baby was thoroughly examined and found to be in good health. Social services assumed responsibility for the care of the child. In the meantime, the hero dog that was responsible for saving the life of this innocent child who had been abandoned was still wandering around the garbage pile with a few other stray dogs. This was his lucky day because the Hope for Strays and Pawssion Project went back to the site to look for him. These two amazing organizations were there on a feeding mission and before arriving on the site, they found the owner of the dog, Kuya Lyndon Olingay. They learned that the hero dog’s name is Blacky. He is an 18-month-old pup himself and one of 10 dogs that are under the care of Olingay and his family. They’re not a wealthy family, but they do what they can to help feed strays in need of assistance. The two rescue organizations sponsored a fundraiser to help the struggling family. The results of the campaign were overwhelming. The hero dog and his pet parents received donations that will provide for their needed veterinary cared, supplies, and food with thousands of dollars donated in these areas of need.

Dogs can be heroes in our time of need

Blacky from the Philippines is just one example of how these magnificent creatures have helped people at the worst moments in their lives. CNN shared the story of MacKenzie, a 4 pound Chihuahua who serves the children in her local community. She was awarded the most heroic canine in the United States by American Humane. The Hilton, New York pup was born with a cleft palate and barely survived her ordeal. She had to be fed through a tube and nearly died during her year of battling pneumonia as a puppy. She fully recovered and now works in Rochester, New York to provide love and care for the baby animals that the agency rescues. She gives each baby individual attention cuddling, comforting, and cleaning them. Her story is so remarkable that it had to be shared. She also works with human children at public schools. She shows them that having a birth defect is something that others may not understand but it is no reason to be fearful or treat anyone differently whether human or animal.

A dangerous job for Treo

Mental Floss shares the story of a black Labrador named Treo. He worked as a member of the British Military in the Working Dog Support Unit. He served his country in Afghanistan, using his highly trained nose to sniff out bombs. He is credited with finding two hidden bombs and saving the lives of several humans in 2008. Treo has since retired, but he left the service as a decorated war hero for his efforts. He is one of the many canine officers used to perform extremely dangerous duties. Fortunately, he did not become a casualty of his service to his country and fellow members of the British military.

Final thoughts

Dogs are amazing creatures who have keenly sharp brains that can process at high levels. They seem to know when a person is in trouble. Some of the more in-tune dogs will go out of their way to find help in times of dire need. There are many true stories about brave and caring dogs that have made a difference in the lives of humans that have made all the difference between survival and death. The next time you see a stray dog running through the neighborhood, it doesn’t take much effort to call a local animal rescue organization to file a report. You may make a difference in the life of an animal that could, in turn, save the life of somebody in need. Dogs save us in many different ways. They bring comfort and companionship to those who are sad and lonely. They help traumatized children and military personnel to reconnect with others by providing unconditional love and care. The homeless dogs on the street are waiting for someone to allow them to repay the favor of food and shelter with a lifetime of love and friendship.

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