Salvador Dolly: The Shelter Dog with a Handlebar Mustache

Salvador Dolly

There is a quote that says that the greatest fear a dog knows is the fear that once you walk out the door without them, you will not come back. No wonder the animals look at us with such pleading in their eyes to take them with us. Unfortunately, not everyone is meant to be a dog owner, and some people end up kicking their pets out to the streets. We thank God for animal shelters that are always picking up strays and settling them in loving homes. Here is the story of one lucky dog family as reported on Evening Standard.

The Rescue of Salvador Dolly

Imagine walking down the streets, and you come face to face with a mother dog breastfeeding her ten puppies on the pavement. If you have a little humanity, that is a scene that is bound to move you into thinking how to help the mother. Well, that was the scenario in Dallas on July 10 when one dog was rescued from the streets by volunteers of Hearts & Bones Animal Rescue. Rescuing the strays is not something unique, and we have gotten used to it, but there is one thing that made these dogs stand out, one little puppy that ended up with the name Salvador Dolly.

What makes Salvador Dolly special?

Had it been any other dog, the buzz on the internet would probably have died down. However, every day, Salvador Dolly keeps hitting the headlines, and it has to get you wondering what makes the puppy so unique. The rescued dog family comprised a mother and her 11 five-week puppies, but they are barely receiving any attention.

Salvador Dolly got the nickname from the fact that she has a curled upper lip marking that resembles a mustache. The rest of her body is white apart from her ears, which are black and tail that has a black spot. The name “Salvador Dolly” comes from the mustache that resembles that of Salvador Dali. According to Today, Salvador Dali was a Spanish painter who had a handlebar mustache that became his trademark. He manicured the mustache until his death in 1989 and what remains weird is that even after they exhumed his body in 2017, the trademark mustache was still intact.

The handlebar mustache on the pup became the central topic after Hearts & Bones posted her picture on Facebook on July 26, 2019. So fascinating is the occurrence of the iconic marking that even Allison Seelig, the head of marketing of the animal rescue organization said they were all in disbelief. Since the picture went viral, many people have called the shelter making enquiries about her. While the rest of the pups are still as cute without the unusual facial hair, they are not getting as much attention as Salvador Dolly.

What is Salvador Dolly’s fate?

According to Mental Floss, Hearts & Bones announced on Facebook that they rescued Salvador Dolly along with her entire family thanks to Dallas Animal Services & Adoption Services. Best Friends Animal Society National Conference also helped in the rescue of the dog family through a grant of $5,000 made by Maddie’s Fund. The animals were shipped off to Dallas and settled in a foster home where they would also receive medical care.

However, the foster home is not their final home. Since Hearts & Bones is based both in Dallas and New York City, Salvador Dolly along with her ten siblings and their mother will be taken to New York in the last week of August. The restriction to adopt them immediately is because the puppies are still too young. If you are hoping to have Salvador Dolly or one of her siblings or their mother in your home, then you can apply to adopt or foster at the Hearts & Bones website. So far, Salvador Dolly has received the most applications both from the United States and abroad. However, the organization is encouraging New York residents to apply to foster the rest of the family since they are equally adorable.

Still, even if adopting a dog is out of the question for you may be due to allergies or the landlord does not permit animals in the building, you can donate to help cover their medical costs. Further, even if you are not lucky to land Salvador or any of her family members, the shelter still has other dogs that would love to have a loving home.

What about her siblings?

Salvador Dolly received her nickname from her mustache-like facial hair, and in keeping in line with the artist theme already adopted, the rest of the dogs have been given painters’ names. One of Salvador’s sibling is nicknamed Vincent Van Gogh; we hope he is not missing an ear like Vincent after he cut off his. The rest of the pups include Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keeffe among many more. Salvador’s mother has been given the name “Gertrude Stein” after a renowned America poet, art collector, playwright and novelist.

More about Hearts & Bones

From the name itself, you can easily conclude that the organization is all about giving their love to the animals. It comprises of volunteers and fosters who work together to provide the rescued dogs with a loving and forever home. Hearts & Bones was established after noticing that every day, thousands of dogs are killed because they lack homes. By fostering the dogs, the organization gives the animals all the love and care they can offer before placing them in “forever homes” where the dogs are guaranteed safety and affection.

Its headquarters are Texas and New York, and most of the animals are rescued from overcrowded shelters based in Texas. It is such a noble thing to do, considering that dogs are at risk of being euthanized when the homes no longer have enough space to accommodate them.

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