“Pit Bulls Kill” Billboard Sparks Breed Ban Debate in Arkansas

The issue of breed-specific legislation has once again become a topic of conversation in Central Arkansas, following the appearance of a controversial billboard in Maumelle that advocates for the re-implementation of a ban on pit bulls. The city of Maumelle had previously lifted such a ban in 2021, which led to mixed reactions from the community.

One of the main proponents for the re-implementation of the ban is Councilmember Steve Mosley, who has expressed concern for the safety of residents, particularly children.

Mosley has stated that he has attempted multiple times to reinstate the ban, but it has been consistently voted down.

In an interview, Mosley said, “I’m very much concerned about the safety of our residents and our children especially. I think it’s just in their nature and they’re extremely dangerous dogs that can do significant damage in just a matter of seconds. I saw this occur on a family dog. A poodle got attacked by a pit bull and in a matter of three seconds, had torn skin completely off. They’re just very powerful animals.”


Unlike Mosley, Maumelle Councilmember Chad Gardner is on the opposite of the discussion and said he feels a lot of the community supports pit bulls. “There’s no need to pick on any specific dog just because of the way it looks and not allow them to be pets here in Maumelle,” Gardner said.

“I’ve seen a lot more public support for the way that we’re doing it, but I think there is a vocal minority of a few individuals that want there to be a breed ban.” Gardner said he hasn’t seen a call for change despite the billboard. “Frankly, I think it backfired on whoever put it up,” Gardner said.

“Most of the comments have been supportive of the way Maumelle is doing it. Now. We’ve focused more on owner education and owners taking care of their specific animal no matter what the breed is.”

Gardner expects to continue hearing conversations regarding the dog breed ban. “I don’t know why a specific breed got a label that it did,” Gardner said.

“We have problems with all breeds at one point or another.” Even though the billboard says to call the mayor’s office, the city is not affiliated with the billboard.

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