Service Dog Receives Cap for Owner’s Graduation

We frequently hear of heartwarming stories about dog owners and their dedication to their beloved pets, but this is one for the record books. In a world where doggy weddings and fancy receptions are becoming in vogue for pampered and well-loved pets, we’ve just experienced a lovable dog receiving her own cap for the graduation of her owner. It’s becoming more common for dog owners to involve their pets in important milestones in their lives, just as they would any other family member, but Casey Bruno has done something that may very well be a first.

University of Central Florida special event

Casey Bruno, age 22, just achieved a milestone in her life, when she graduated from the University of Central Florida, with her bachelor’s degree. The event recently took place on Augusts 4, 2018, but Paisley, the Dalmatian isn’t just a pampered pet that lies around on a pillow all day. She is Casey’s service dog and she’s earned her right to don the cap alongside her owner. This was an event that was orchestrated by a grateful land loving Bruno, in acknowledgment of the significant contributions that Paisley has made towards the young woman’s current success.

Mutual dedication

Service dogs are special pets who help their owners with daily life activities when they have difficulty coping on their own. Paisley is a Dalmatian breed, just 2 years old, who entered Casey Bruno’s life in 2016. Bruno battled anxiety and depression, and Paisley has been her constant companion for the past two years, bringing her comfort and even attending college classes with her as she worked hard to earn her degree. She’s seldom seen without Paisley at her side, so it seemed fitting that the dog is honored for her part in Bruno’s success at the graduation. The story was featured on “Good Morning America” as a touching human interest story. It shows the world how valuable these pets are to people who are struggling with conditions that could otherwise become debilitating. Paisley is dedicated to her owner and Casey is just as dedicated to her and it’s heartwarming to see this reciprocal relationship between pet mom and pup.

Paisley takes to social media

Bruno has seen to it that Paisley has her own handle on Instagram. It’s not all about the sensationalism, but rather, about showing people how profound an impact that a pet can have on your life. People who experience difficulty due to depression, anxiety and other health-related issues can benefit from the love and comfort that a service pet can bring into their lives. Bruno shared that just being next to Paisley has helped with her emotional state and that negative feeling seem to melt away when they’re together. The dog has been her constant source of moral support when times got tough. There are some dogs that just seem to know when their owners are feeling blue or out of sorts. They may not be able to communicate in a human language, but the way that they interact and share themselves firmly gets the message across that they care and they’re there for you.

A brilliant career ahead

Casy Bruno has future plans to become a doctor of veterinary medicine. She certainly has the right disposition for helping animals in need of medical assistance. She knows what it is to depend on someone for help in times of need. Paisley has in a sense, been the medicine that she’s needed over the past two years. It’s nice to know that this future veterinarian will be entering the profession with a caring and understanding point of view towards pets. She understands that each pet is very special to their owners, and we think she’s the right stuff to make a positive impact on the clients she will serve in her practice.

More to come

As Bruno moves to the next phase of her education, pursuing her graduate degree, she is adopting another Dalmatian into the family. Chevron will join Paisley and Casey in their new venture. The UCF granted an honorary diploma to Paisley via Twitter, and it will be interesting to find out what happens when Bruno walks in the ceremony to accept her graduate degree in a few years with two beloved pets at her side.

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