Dying Dog Dumped in Parking Lot Recovering at Kentucky Rescue

While many dogs are a much-loved family member who receives all the love they need, some are not so fortunate. There are dogs out there that are abandoned by their owners, end up in a shelter, and must start their life over again. Once they arrive in a shelter, the staff will do everything they can to keep the dog healthy and comfortable, but a dog needs a family to live a happy and fulfilled life. Therefore, the staff will also do everything in their capabilities to find an abandoned dog a new forever home with a family that will give them the love they crave. One dog that would love the opportunity of a new life is Ethan, who has already suffered a huge ordeal after he was left to die in a parking lot. Here is his heartbreaking story.

Finding Ethan

On January 29, a member of the public was dropping off some donations at the Kentucky Humane Society. As they were walking through the parking lot, they were horrified to see that a dog had been dumped in the parking lot. They notified the staff at the rescue center immediately, and the staff rushed the dog straight to their veterinary services department to have his condition assessed by the vets. The staff at the shelter called the dog Ethan, and they were appalled at his condition. Ethan was too weak to even lift his own head, and the staff was surprised that he was even alive. A large dog like Ethan should weigh around 80 pounds if they are healthy, but Ethan weighed just 38 pounds when he was discovered. The shelter staff said that he was the thinnest dog they had ever seen that was still breathing. Sadly, being underweight was not Ethan’s only issue. He had also suffered muscle loss and dehydrated skin due to starvation. Furthermore, he smelled strongly of urine and feces, says People.com. The staff believes that this resulted from Ethan being locked in a crate for weeks and being forced to sleep in his own feces and urine. His weight loss, muscle loss, and dehydrated skin indicate that he had also not been fed for weeks.

Ethan’s Recovery

Thankfully, the staff at the shelter and the vets were able to help Ethan. As soon as he was taken to the vets, he was wrapped in warm blankets and given fluids. Unfortunately, it was not the end of Ethan’s problems. The day after Ethan was found abandoned in the shelter’s parking lot, he began to display symptoms of a neurological condition. He began twitching involuntarily, and his breathing became rapid. His needs were greater than the shelter could handle, so he was transferred for treatment to an emergency animal hospital.

Improving Ethan’s Condition

Ethan still has a long journey ahead of him before making a full recovery, although he is making slow and steady progress. One of the first steps in his recovery was getting him to eat and drink again. Due to his weakness, Ethan still cannot hold up his own head to bite or swallow. Therefore, he needs assistance from the hospital staff to help him eat and drink. If he cannot learn to eat and drink on his own, his condition will not improve. The staff is doing all they can to help Ethan through his recovery, but they need to take things slow and steady. Also, they need to monitor his progress closely. Not only does this mean that he needs regular blood tests, but it also means he needs IV fluids and medication. Furthermore, he needs round-the-clock care and supervision from the staff if there is any chance of him surviving his horrific ordeal. The staff is keen to do everything they can to give Ethan the happy ending that he deserves. In fact, they have said they have never prayed for a happy ending for a dog so much.

Ethan’s Current Condition

The Kentucky Humane Society released an update on Ethan’s condition on their blog at the beginning of February. The blog post has said that Ethan still only has a 50/50 chance of surviving the extensive neglect he has suffered. At the moment, the staff caring for Ethan are focusing on every small step of progress, such as when he shows an interest in his food, or he occasionally wags his tail. No matter how small, every step is another positive step towards his recovery. The staff is also using his bloodwork results as indicators of his progress, and he has started to need fewer blood tests. One of the reasons he has needed so many blood tests up to now is that the vets are still trying to find the underlying cause of Ethan’s neurological symptoms. Until they know the cause, they cannot treat the condition. For now, it remains a mystery.

Ethan also has a lot of outside support, as the blog posts about his progress mean he now has a whole army of fans who are all hoping for a good outcome for the abandoned dog. The Kentucky Humane Society staff cannot believe they have received from Kentucky’s residents, and they have said that it feels like the whole city has come together to support Ethan. Many people have donated money to help fund his care and medical treatment. Many aspects of Ethan’s past are still unknown, and finding out more about his history and how he ended up being abandoned in a parking lot could help them to treat his condition. Therefore, the staff is appealing to the public for information about how Ethan ended up in such a dreadful condition. As Ethan continues to make slow but steady progress, the staff can only hope that he will eventually make a full recovery. When he does, they will begin their search for a new family for Ethan that is willing to offer him a forever home.

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