The Love and Affection for the Pit Bulls of Soweto Remains Strong

It has been reported that numerous incidents involving attacks on children and adults by pit bulls have occurred in various locations across the world. As a result, there continues to be debate over whether or not the pit bull breed should be banned.

In response to public outcry, some pit bull owners have voluntarily surrendered their pets.

However, some owners have chosen to retain their pit bulls, stating that the breed has been unfairly labeled as dangerous and aggressive.

One owner, Junior Mokhele, commented that the issue lies with the owners rather than the dogs themselves, stating “It’s the owners, not the dogs. My dog is a nice dog, it doesn’t bite people … my heart is sore.”

Some community members disagree and support a ban on pit bulls, citing abandoned dogs being left without food or water and posing a threat to children in the area.

When City Press photojournalist Tebogo Letsie visited owners and their pit bulls in Soweto, some described their love and affection for their pets and claimed that they had never witnessed aggression from their dogs.

Here are some beautiful pictures from the streets:

Sinothile Zulu and his for year-old Pit Bull 

Tied to a heavy concrete manhole lid with no food and water in a soccer field in Mofolo Central, Soweto, this lactating pit bull has been left to die.

Mpho posing with his pit bull puppy on his way home from the PDSA in Mofolo South

A pit bull watches the gate at a residence in Grobler Park, Roodepoort

This 10-month-old pit bull was taken to PDSA by its owner to be euthanized

Sifiso Mchunu with his puppy

A stray pit bull in the streets of Roodepoort

Neo Sibisi and his pit bull

All Photos via Tebogo Letsie/City Press

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