Guard in Scotland Goes Viral for Protecting Dog Waiting Outside Store from Rain

If you are waiting to see the lame walk and the blind see for you to believe in miracles, you are missing out on the many extraordinary events that happen every day because sometimes miracles are good people with hearts. It has been said that it costs nothing to be kind, and when a guard in Scotland goes viral for protecting a dog waiting outside a store from rain, then that is the only proof you need that whoever you are and whatever you have, you can make a difference. Here is more about the random act of kindness and why you should protect your dog from rain.

Kindness is his virtue

Whoever said there is not much to a name may have to rethink his stand because Ethan Dearman proved what a dear man he is by holding his umbrella over a dog, Freddie. Ethan works as a security guard at Morrisons. Upon noticing that the dog was sitting all alone in the rain, he offered the canine a shelter from the rain under his umbrella. With people always ready to capture such heart-melting moments, the picture of Freddie and Ethan circulated over Twitter. The photo has so far garnered over 151,000 likes with positive comments, some even calling Ethan a hero.

While one person said that Ethan should be given a pay rise for his kind gesture, all that the security guard was concerned about is how he made a lot of people happy. However, while some may think it is just for show, Freddie’s owner disclosed that it is in Ethan’s nature to always look out for others. According to People, David was grateful to Ethan for holding an umbrella over Freddie when it started to rain near his parents’ house. David further disclosed that Ethan has always been friendly to the dog, David’s father and brother, Stuart.

Another couple goes out of their way to help a dog

Sometimes, humans show how selfish they can be as with a case of one dog owner who preferred tying the canine to a post while shopping at Marks and Spencer. Even when it started raining, the owner did not bother to protect the dog, and it took the divine intervention of a couple to ensure that the Alsatian remained sheltered. According to The Telegraph, the man removed his jacket and used it to cover the dog while his girlfriend helped him hold the improvised umbrella.

After twenty minutes of being rained on, another stranger working at Gala Bingo noticed the couple now obviously shivering from the cold. He pitied them and offered them two umbrellas to not only shield them from the rain but the dog as well. The couple squatted, holding their umbrellas in such a way that not a drop of rain would fall on the Alsatian. All this time, the owner continued to shop without a care in the world. By the time the pet owner finished the shopping errand, all she could say was that she was not aware of how heavy the downpour was.

Why you should not leave your dog out in the rain

Dogs are very sensitive creatures, and their sense of hearing and smell is unmatched; hence their effectiveness to the police K-9 units. Therefore while to you, the sound of rain on the ground maybe like a little splash of water, to the dog’s ears, it is so much more. Hence if your dog is anxious and cannot stand any loud sounds, even raindrops on the roof may spook him to become aggressive or nervous, which can get worse if the rain is accompanied by thunder and lighting. In the case of smell, a dog’s sense is much more heightened when it rains. Like humans who can smell the wet soil, our furry friends can catch even the slightest smell in the air, which could be scary if they are not familiar with it.

Moreover, the way you react whenever your dog comes into the house covered in mud could cause stress in your pet. According to Wag Walking, if you scold your dog for tracking mud into the house and even complain about how you have to bath him, then he will know better than to sit in the rain. Therefore the moment you leave him to get wet, you will be reminding him of the scolding that awaits him, which can put emotional baggage on the canine.

How to get a dog used to rain

Training a dog to stop fearing the sound of rain or getting wet is essential in avoiding sending him into panic mode whenever there is a downpour, especially if you live in an area that rains often. Therefore My Animal suggests that you can begin by taking your pet outside when it rains softly. Always hold an umbrella over him so that the sound of rain dripping on the umbrella becomes normal. However, you should never force the dog to be comfortable in the rain; the key is to be patient even if it means carrying him as you walk in the rain.

You can also try to make water more enjoyable. As much as dogs hate taking baths, you should not confine them to the shower; instead, play around with them in the backyard using a hosepipe or sprinkler and make them see that water does not have to be scary at all. If the dog also feels that he cannot go to potty outside because of the rain, allow him to go out as you hold an umbrella at first. Later once he is used to the sound of rain, stay outside and encourage him to come to you so that he can also get used to wet grass and the strong smells. Of course, when he learns that it is not such a bad experience, he will do his business without any worries.

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