Man Returns Dog to The Shelter for Being “Too Affectionate”

Being a pet owner is about way more than giving your furry friend a name and feeding him every day. Good pet owners must also meet their pets’ emotional needs, providing them with companionship and love. This is especially true if your pet has anxiety or separation problems, which is why it shocked many when a man returned his dog to the shelter for being ‘too affectionate.’ Dogs are loving and loyal creatures, and it is impractical to fault them for showing affection. It is also why the ‘Man Returns Dog to The Shelter for Being “Too Affectionate” headline angered many people and prompted a swift reaction. Let’s take a closer look at this story and what happened.

The Incident

A middle-aged man walked into the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas, and asked to return his dog because she was “too affectionate” and “always wants to be by my side.” A bystander at the shelter took a picture of the dog, called Jubilee, after hearing the bizarre conversation and posted it on Facebook. He could not understand how a pet owner could abandon his dog for showing him affection, and neither could Jubilee as her owner walked out of the shelter, leaving her behind. It is important to note that Jubilee suffers from anxiety, and being abandoned did not help. At just 1-year-old, she was suddenly homeless, frightened, confused, and in desperate need of a new home where she would be accepted.

His Reasons

Jubilee is a one-year-old black, blue and white heeler and Irish setter. Her previous owner complained that she was too affectionate and was always following him. He also said that Jubilee chewed up things in his home, including a cushion, baseboard, and part of his couch. But while it is easy to see why he would be mad, these are growing pains that every dog owner knows to expect. You can also easily train your dog to stop chewing on things other than her toys. Ultimately, the man’s top complaint was Jubilee’s affection, which he characterized as ‘too much.’ This sentiment angered many people online – where Jubilee’s picture was posted – because dogs are known and loved for their affection towards their owners.

The Aftermath

Although leaving Jubilee at the shelter was inconsiderate on the part of her previous owner, it was probably the best thing that could have happened to her. Jubilee’s anxiety was clearly too much for her owner to handle and he would not have been able to provide her with the loving and supportive home she needed to lead a healthy and happy life. Jubilee was soon to find such a home. When the bystander at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas posted the photograph he took of Jubilee on Facebook, it went viral. Thousands of people were concerned about her previous owner’s astounding and worrying complaints, and he was highly criticized. Over 35,000 people on Facebook viewed and shared Jubilee’s story, with most of them calling out the owner for his behavior. The post going viral probably saved Jubilee’s life. In less than 24 hours, Jubilee became the most in-demand dog on the internet. People started asking if they could adopt her and the shelter was swarmed with requests from dog lovers to take Jubilee home. If Jubilee had any understanding of the outpouring of love and concern she was receiving from pure strangers online, she would probably have been less nervous. She was about to find a new loving home.

Jubilee’s New Home

One day after her previous owner dropped her off at the shelter and her picture went viral, a woman called Samantha walked into the Montgomery County Animal Shelter and adopted Jubilee. In a beautiful turn of fate, Samantha said she was drawn to Jubilee by her affection – the same reason her previous owner did not want her. She told Huffington Post that she found Jubilee’s affection so endearing, adding “It touched me. She loved so much. I knew I was supposed to have her.” The same day, two other families came to the shelter looking to adopt Jubilee after reading about her story online. Samantha has already taken her home, so, instead, they adopted two different dogs. Two other dogs got a new home because of Jubilee! Jubilee herself now lives with Samantha, her new owner, who owns another rescue dog called Abby.

Samantha also lives with her mother and teenage son. The entire family is happy to have Jubilee join their family, and they are striving to provide her with the supportive home she needs. Unlike her previous owners, they are very understanding and accommodative of Jubilee’s idiosyncrasies and special needs. The fact that the home includes another rescue dog means that Jubilee will have enough animal and human playtime. Samantha and her son have gone the extra mile and are planning to work with a trainer to help Jubilee manage her anxiety. They have promised to do whatever it takes to keep her comfortable and happy. In turn, Jubilee seems happy already, and she has bonded with her new canine sibling, Abby, who is helping her integrate with the family and environment. When asked, Samantha was nothing but happy. She said that he was grateful to Jubilee’s previous owner for taking her to the shelter and being straightforward about his reasons for doing so because it allowed Jubilee to end up in a better home.


When ‘Man Returns Dog to The Shelter for Being “Too Affectionate” hits the headlines, the world notices, and not in a good way. Fortunately, this sad story had a happy ending as the overly-affectionate Jubilee found a new home with Samantha and her family. The initial response to the previous owner returning Jubilee to the shelter was negative, but, in retrospect, it was probably the best thing he could have done for Jubilee. Owning a pet is supposed to be joyful and fulfilling, and it would have been unfair to Jubilee and her owner if their experience was negative from the word go. Her owner did the right thing when he realized he could not give Jubilee the love and support she needed, he allowed other people to try. And Samantha is all the happier for it.

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