Senior Pit Bull Mix Found Curled Up Outside During Blizzard Gets Snowy Miracle

During subfreezing temperatures, a pit bull mix named Emmy was abandoned outside in Ecorse, Michigan and left alone during a blizzard. The senior dog was frightened and resorted to curling up in a ball to stay warm, hoping that someone would find her. Fortunately, rescuers spotted Emmy as a thin layer of snow covered her fur.

“She’d been outside for a day and a half in the freezing cold,” Lauren Boesen, board member for P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue, told The Dodo. “It was, like, two degrees Fahrenheit out with 30 mph winds.”

Emmy is currently being cared for by P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue. Her rescue was a collaborative effort involving various agencies that coordinated to retrieve her from her outdoor location in the snow and transport her to a veterinary facility for necessary medical treatment.

Upon learning of Emmy’s situation, Friends of River Rouge Animal Shelter promptly shared a request for assistance on social media. The director of The PAWS Clinic, a local spay and neuter clinic, saw the post and offered to transport Emmy to a veterinarian. The dog was taken to Pet Care Clinic Lincoln Park where a team of veterinarians conducted a full examination. According to Boesen, Emmy was “severely emaciated” and many believed that she would not survive.

After further evaluation, it was determined that Emmy required immediate care at an emergency veterinary clinic. P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue subsequently became involved and several board members promptly transported Emmy to the emergency clinic. According to Boesen, Emmy was found “curled up in a ball” in the back of the car.

Just a few hours after being rescued from the snowy street, Emmy was under the care of an emergency veterinary team. Their priority was to raise her body temperature, as she was still freezing, and address her wounds. The emergency vet team quickly developed affection for Emmy.

According to Boesen, the emergency vet team reported that Emmy “perked up” and was “the sweetest girl,” consistently greeting individuals who came to care for her with a wagging tail. By Saturday morning, Emmy’s temperature had stabilized and she was ready to be transferred to a foster home.

Upon arriving to retrieve Emmy, Boesen was surprised by the significant improvement in the dog’s demeanor and enthusiasm within just 24 hours of being rescued. Emmy greeted Boesen with a wagging tail and subsequently began crying for attention and petting from others in the lobby.

Before going to her foster home, Boesen and Emmy made a stop at P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue, where Emmy promptly made herself at home. Boesen noted that upon arriving at the shelter, Emmy “climbed onto the sofa,” an action that surprised Boesen.

Boesen recognized that Emmy was prepared to be placed in a nurturing home and an experienced foster family was eager to welcome her into their home. While her foster home is temporary, Emmy is already receiving the affection she has always deserved. Two days after her rescue, Emmy was depicted snuggled up with her foster dog siblings under a Christmas tree, all dressed in coordinating holiday pajamas.

For those dog owners out there who need some tips for this cold weather season, here are 10 to pay attention to:

  1. Keep your dog inside as much as possible during cold weather.
  2. If your dog must be outside, make sure they have a warm and dry shelter.
  3. Provide your dog with plenty of food and water. Cold weather can increase your dog’s metabolism, so they may need more calories to maintain their energy.
  4. Protect your dog’s paws from the cold and ice by using booties or applying petroleum jelly to their paws.
  5. Keep your dog on a leash at all times. Cold weather can make it easier for your dog to become disoriented or lost.
  6. Check your dog for frostbite, especially on their ears, tail, and paws.
  7. Dry your dog off thoroughly after they have been outside in the cold and wet.
  8. Avoid leaving your dog alone in a car during cold weather.
  9. Keep an eye on your dog’s behavior. If they seem anxious or uncomfortable, bring them inside.
  10. Consider getting your dog a coat or sweater to wear outside, especially if they have a thin coat or are a small breed.

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