The 10 Best Pit Bull Rescue Stories of 2022

In 2023, pit bulls will continue to be among the most commonly rescued dog breeds in the United States. This is due, in part, to the many myths and misconceptions about pit bulls that continue to circulate. Many believe that Pit Bulls are aggressive, but the breed simply takes longer to train.

Fortunately, more and more people are learning about pit bulls’ true nature and choosing to rescue them from shelters or abusive homes. This blog post will share the 10 best pit bull rescue stories from 2022 that will melt your heart.

Pitbulls are constantly being abandoned and abused; according to PETA, they are one of the most abused breeds. While this is disheartening, many shelters provide intensive treatment and care for these abused pups and help them find their forever homes! Below are ten of the top Pit Bull rescue stories of

Here are The 10 Best Pitbull Rescue Stories in 2022

1. The Pit Bull Who a Firefighter Rescued

A pit bull in Sacramento, California, was discovered living in an abandoned building by a local firefighter who took it upon himself to rescue the pup, provide medical attention and find him a new home.

The Sacramento Fire Department discovered a puppy inside a fire in Northern Sacramento. Luckily, the puppy didn’t sustain any serious injuries and was supposed to be taken to the Front Street Animal Shelter nearby.

However, Mike Thawley, a firefighter, announced that he would be adopting the puppy and giving it a forever home! He had initially been fostering the dog for a few weeks to find the pup a good home. But after a few weeks with the puppy, he didn’t have the heart to let it go to another family – so he made it a part of his and named him Loki!

Mike already had a rescue dog from another fire, and her name was Chunk. She was rescued five years ago, and he adopted her into his home.

2. Pit Bull Placed in Foster Home After Rescue Animal Hoarding 

Animal Control officers rescued a pit bull and several other dogs in Florida from an animal hoarding situation. The pit bull, Huck, was taken to a shelter where he received proper medical attention and care.

The story started in February when there was a hoarding situation where more than 70 other dogs were rescued. The home had terrible living conditions and was overcrowded with animals. The Santa Rosa County Animal Services were called to handle the situation and help get the dogs into good homes.

That’s how Huck, a pit bull, ended up at a shelter. He was too scared to walk or do much anything else. The volunteers at the shelter worked with him to help find him a temporary home. After being around other self-assured dogs, Huck soon seemed to open up to others.

Nearly three days later, Huck was adopted by Pamela Rice, who had been looking for a new pup. She came to the Bissell Pet Foundation shelters looking to find a dog. As soon as she saw Huck, she was smitten and knew he was the one.

3. The Pit Bull That Found Her Family After 8 Years

A pit bull named Harley was found in San Carlos Park. Before being lost, Harley’s family had just relocated from Missouri and never expected to see her again. The pit bull was missing for almost eight years but was found malnourished and alive.

Even though Harley was lost, she still retained a microchip, which would later play a key role in locating the family. Bray was walking along and saw a dog that looked like Harley eight years later. They took the dog to Cypress Lake Animal Hospital, and they were able to confirm through the microchip that Harley was that dog.

Their owners then drove more than 1,100 miles from their home in Missouri to Lee County to be reunited with Harley.

4. The Pit Bull That Got Another Chance Becomes Therapy Dog

Jake was a one-year-old pit bull who had ended up in a dog shelter due to his ‘bad manners.’ However, the shelter felt that Jake was just not given the time to learn proper commands, and the family that gave him up didn’t work long enough for him to develop skills. Due to this, Jake was taken in by the Best Friends Animal Society, a no-kill animal rescue.

Here, Jake worked on training daily and ended up becoming a possible candidate for play therapy. After four months of daily training, Jake could work his first workshop as a therapy dog.

5. Pit Bull With Chronic Illness Meets Their New Owner

Princess Fiona is a pit bull with a chronic illness that causes her to have a pot belly that has not been adopted for seven years. This poor pup developed a hyperadrenocorticism syndrome, better known as Cushing’s disease.

Due to this, her body ended up producing too much cortisol, which ended up causing her to become plump. One day on her way to PetSmart with her handler Alesha Bryant, she ran into Monica Whitaker and her daughter. They knew from that moment on that they wanted to adopt Princess Fiona.

6. Pit Bull Rescued After Being Found Abandoned On Train Tracks

A pit bull was found paralyzed in the middle of the train tracks in Philadelphia. Philly Rescue Angels, INC picked up the dog, and he was named Lucky. There was a leash and collar nearby, which means the owners likely threw and abandoned him there.

Luckily for Lucky, he survived being alone for two days and was treated by the Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. The diagnosis was that Lucky’s spinal cord had been severed and was likely to get hit by a train.

Since his rescue on November 9th, he has undergone $18,000 in vet care, and the agency plans to raise more for his procedures. He is doing a lot better but won’t likely ever be able to walk again.

7. The One-Eared Pit Bull Finally Adopted

Van Gogh is a one-eared rescue dog rescued from a cruel fighting ring. Since his rescue, the Pitbull has become an internet sensation thanks to his ability and interest in painting.

He resides at the Happily Furever After Rescue located in Bethel, CT. Since he hadn’t been adopted and had been in many foster homes, the rescue’s founder, Jacklyn Gartner, decided to see if the pup could live up to his unique name.

She gave him paint on an empty canvas and put a plastic bag over it with some peanut butter. From there, she let Van Gogh lick his tasty treat while he also made a cute and colorful abstract design. Once his galleries of paintings went on sale, many people showed interest in the Pitbull and his creativity.

8. The Pitbull with the Matted Eyes

In late 2019, a pit bull was brought into the Shaw Pit Bull Rescue in Columbus, Mississippi. Her name was Morena, and she was in terrible condition, with her matted eyes shut. She was only six months old at the time of the rescue, and the shelter could not even fathom the horrors and abuse that she went through.

After a quick vet visit, it was determined that her condition was demodectic mange. This caused skin mites to be able to multiply and damage her face rapidly. Luckily, vets could prescribe editions, shampoos, and others to help treat her. A few weeks later, this lovely pup was able to recover almost a full recovery, including her hair and sight.

9. The Pitbull With No Teeth

Toothless was a pit bull recently residing in Georgia’s Royal Animal Refuge. The nine-month-old pup was picked up on the streets by the refuge. Toothless had all of his teeth pulled out, and it’s clear that someone did it on purpose.

Luckily, Toothless’s past trauma didn’t stop him from being a lovely pup. Even though he was suffering from Parvo, the shelter continued to treat him until he was later placed in a loving foster home.

10. Capone the Pit Bull Wins Best in Rescue

Capone is a rescued dog that competed in the Best in Rescue competition hosted by the American Rescue Dog Show. He won the “best snorer” category and earned over a $100,000 grant donated to the San Diego Humane Society.

The grant was provided by Petco Love and went towards funding for the San Deigo Humane Society. The dogs who participated in the event also earned a $10,000 grant from Petco Love to give to the shelter they came from. As many can see, pit bull isn’t an aggressive breed, and many of them can do good for this world.

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