The 10 Best Dog Foods For Pit Bulls

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Our canine companions exhibit an unusual degree of diversity. All dogs are members of the same species. Despite that, one dog can be very different from one another, as shown by how a Great Dane can have more than ten times the weight of a Chihuahua.

As such, you shouldn’t assume your Pit Bull will be fine eating the first dog food you come upon. Instead, if you want to give your Pit Bull the best chances of living a long, happy, healthy life, you should choose a dog food that is specifically well-suited for those dog breeds.

Luckily, interested individuals can find no shortage of recommendations in this regard.

Here are 10 of the best dog foods for Pit Bulls:

10. Wellness Natural Pet Food Complete Health

Wellness has a reputation for sticking to purely natural ingredients. Something that should come as welcoming news to those concerned about what an excess of artificial ingredients can do to their dogs.

9. CRAVE Grain Free Adult Dry Dog Food

This dog food puts an extra emphasis on real meats and other meat-based proteins. After all, it is made without grains, thus making it a good choice for those who think their dogs should be on a more meat-based diet. This particular example is meant for adults, meaning you should avoid feeding it to Pit Bulls that don’t match that profile.

8. Zignature Limited Ingredient Formula

Zignature Limited Ingredient Formula uses real meats plus a limited selection of other high-quality ingredients. That is useful if your Pit Bull is allergic to certain ingredients, meaning you need to find a dog food with a simple formula that won’t cause health complications.

7. Nulo Freestyle Adult Trim Formula

This dog food is a grain-free formula with a couple of notable upsides. One, it claims to help out with a dog’s weight management, which is critical for its long-term health. Two, it is probiotic, which is good because there is reason to believe that a dog’s gut flora plays a major role in its health in much the same way our gut flora does in our health.

6. Rachael Ray Nutrish

Rachael Ray’s dog food uses natural ingredients for the best results. For instance, it uses no meat meal. Instead, this particular product uses farm-raised chicken, while its counterparts use comparable ingredients. With that said, it does have added minerals and vitamins, though that is a good thing rather than a bad thing.

5. Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild uses real meat plus real fruits and vegetables for a complete nutritional package. It is unusual in that it uses a wider source of meats than most such products.

For instance, this particular example is made using wild boar meat. If you are concerned about sustainability, you shouldn’t be. Wild boars are notorious for being environmental disasters throughout much of the world.

They are strong, tough, and opportunistic, meaning their numbers have exploded in a wide range of ecosystems never meant to host them. As such, removing wild boars from the environment is a good thing more often than not.

4. Nutro Ultra

Once again, Nutro has made its name because of dog foods containing real meats, fruits, and vegetables. Please note that this particular example is a high-protein recipe meant for puppies rather than full-grown dogs.

That is an important distinction because puppies need different ingredients to grow up strong, meaning feeding them purpose-made dog food is critical for the best results. Indeed, this is so important that this is one of the things you should be double-checking with your veterinarian.

3. Canidae All Life Stages

Canidae All Life Stages is supposed to be well-suited for every single dog food out there. That is quite a claim. Even so, a fair number of people seem to swear by it. As such, if you aren’t enthused by the thought of having to pick and choose, you might want to default to Canidae All Life Stages.

This is another dog food containing real meat and real grains. Strictly speaking, a meat meal is edible. The issue is that a meat meal is a much cheaper option, which doesn’t give much cause for confidence in the rest of a dog food’s ingredients.

2. Diamond Naturals

Diamond Naturals is another name that comes up a lot when people talk about good dog foods for Pit Bulls. The recipe includes meat rather than meat meal, which is always useful as a general indication of the quality of a dog food’s ingredients because the former is so much more expensive than the latter.

On top of that, the recipe has fruits and vegetables that give fiber plus other critical nutrients. Please note there are different Diamond Naturals dog foods for different Pit Bulls. This one is a lamb and rice product meant for adult dogs. That is great if you have an adult Pit Bull but less so if you have a puppy or a senior dog. The good thing is that other Diamond Naturals dog foods have you covered.

1. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is often mentioned as a solid choice for Pit Bulls. It is made using real meat mixed with various grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Those should provide canine companions with the nutrients they need to maintain their health, particularly since a team of veterinarians and nutritionists have specifically worked to make it so.

Better still, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula comes in several recipes. If a Pit Bull doesn’t like chicken and brown rice or has some other negative response to the recipe, it might do better with one of the other recipes.

Examples include but aren’t limited to beef and brown rice, fish and brown rice, and lamb and brown rice.

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