The 10 Best Pit Bull Rescues in Tennessee

Pit Bulls suffer from an undeservedly poor reputation. Due to this, they have lower chances of finding a forever home, meaning they are likelier to wind up in a bad situation.

Numerous rescues are hard at work combating this problem. Unfortunately, they have limited resources, thus making it impossible for them to help every animal out there.

If you want a dog but are concerned about the costs of dog acquisition, you should check out Pit Bull rescues in Tennessee for options.

Here are ten of the best Pit Bull rescues in Tennessee:

10. Animal Harbor – Winchester, TN

Every rescue has to address the issue of limited resources. Animal Harbor’s solution is to operate on a limited-admission basis, meaning it won’t take in more animals than it can handle.

That means it can always guarantee adequate care for its charges, but it is also willing to turn away those in need when that proves necessary. Still, Animal Harbor does valuable work by assisting animals and animal owners.

Indeed, it was the first such organization in Franklin County when it was founded in the early 2000s.

9. The Bridge Home – Blountville, TN

The Bridge Home was founded as a no-kill shelter in 2015. It takes in homeless and owner-released animals. Then, it works to find them forever homes. In this respect,

The Bridge Home operates like its counterparts. Sadly, it faces much the same issues as well. For instance, it is sometimes incapable of taking in more animals, which makes sense because animal overpopulation is a country-wide problem. As such, that gives animal lovers even more impetus to act.

8. Critter Cavalry Rescue – Franklin, TN

Kill shelters are called thus because they are willing to euthanize their charges. They don’t do this because they want to. Instead, they resort to it because they believe the animals should pass peacefully rather than starve and sicken.

Some rescues exist to relieve the burden on kill shelters by taking animals that are at risk of being euthanized. Critter Cavalry Rescue does this for dogs for the most part. However, it has also been known to help cats in need.

7. Love At First Sight! – Nashville, TN

Buying a puppy or kitten can be expensive. Yes, there are low-cost options. However, those tend to be associated with puppy and kitten mills, which have more than earned their abysmal reputations.

Fortunately, those looking for a more affordable alternative have one in the form of Love At First Sight! and its counterparts.

The organization takes in puppies and kittens before getting their charges checked out by VCA Murphy Road Animal Hospital.

Then, it makes its charges available to interested individuals at a much more affordable price than what reputable breeders charge, thus making it an often-superior path to pet ownership.

6. Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue – Nashville, TN

Chances are good that interested individuals can guess what Proverbs 12:10 says. If not, they should know it is a Biblical statement that Christians should treat animals well. Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue seeks to live up to that standard.

Please note that it doesn’t have a physical location. Instead, it is one of those organizations that entrust all of their animals to a network of foster homes.

5. Sunny Meadows Safe Haven For Pets – Memphis, TN

Sunny Meadows claims to be the largest no-kill rescue in the Mid-South. Whether true or not, it has helped thousands of pets over the decade-plus since its founding. Any rescue can have Pit Bulls for adoption. However, the chances increase for the larger ones, which makes sense because they are responsible for more animals.

Be warned that Sunny Meadows has a rigorous screening process for interested individuals. Steps include checking references, visiting the adopter’s home, and asking the adopter to sign a contract regarding their future conduct.

4. Nashville PITTIE – La Vergne, TN

The undeservedly poor reputation of Pit Bulls means some people are motivated to help them specifically. For proof, look no further than Nashville PITTIE and its counterparts focused on these much-maligned dog breeds. This organization rescues Pit Bulls before making them available to interested individuals. Moreover, it improves their position through education and other initiatives.

3. East Tennessee Pit Bull Rescue – Powell, TN

East Tennessee Pit Bull Rescue provides more-or-less the same services in a separate part of the state. That means it is fulfilling an important need. Alas, East Tennessee Pit Bull Rescue is smaller in size, meaning it is even more under the constraint of limited resources.

As a result, it doesn’t necessarily have room for every Pit Bull that needs help. Of course, that also means it is always in need of interested individuals to adopt the Pit Bulls in its care.

2. Fighting For the Bullys – Knoxville, TN

Fighting For the Bullys is based in Knoxville. Despite this, it scours the entire East Coast for Bullys at risk of euthanization. It makes it clear that it couldn’t do its work without the contributions of dedicated volunteers, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that it encourages interested individuals to pitch in.

That doesn’t necessarily have to be with Fighting For the Bullys. After all, there are other Pit Bulls throughout the United States.

1. Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue – Memphis, TN

Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue is based in Greater Memphis. However, it operates in much the same manner as the other Pit Bull-focused organizations.

For example, it takes in homeless Pit Bulls. Similarly, it works to improve these dogs’ image through a mix of educating the public and Pit Bull owners. Besides these things, Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue also publicizes its position on relevant laws. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it doesn’t like breed-specific legislation very much.

The good thing is that it has collected numerous expert opinions to support its position, which can prove handy under certain circumstances.

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