The 10 Best Pit Bull Rescues in San Antonio

You can buy from Pit Bull breeders. However, animal rescues and shelters have numerous Pit Bulls that need a new home. This tends to be a less expensive option.

Moreover, some people see this as a more compassionate choice because animal rescues and shelters can use the freed-up resources to help more animals.

If you live in San Antonio, you should know there are several Pit Bull rescues in the area. Better still, there are even more options within a day’s drive.

Here are 10 of the best Pit Bull rescues in San Antonio and the rest of the state:

10. Saving Grace Pitbull Rescue – Lubbock, TX

Saving Grace Pitbull Rescue is the most distant option on this list. Still, the distance between Lubbock and San Antonio can be covered by a six-hour drive.

Interested individuals should know that a group of friends founded Saving Grace Pitbull Rescue because they felt that someone in their community needed to serve as an advocate for these dog breeds.

Something that was much needed because the local animal shelter euthanizes about 80 percent of the 2,000 Pit Bulls it takes in every year. Unsurprisingly, Saving Grace Pitbull Rescue has a no-kill policy, though it tries its best to match its charges with would-be Pit Bull owners.

9. Texas Pit Crew – Wichita Falls, TX

Wichita Falls is about five and a half hours away from San Antonio. As a result, Texas Pit Crew is another option that interested individuals can reach in a single day. It doesn’t house its charges in a single centralized facility.

Instead, the Pit Bulls live in foster homes until forever homes can be found. Besides this, Texas Pit Crew is also focused on pet owner education, one more way in which it seeks to reduce the poor treatment of animals in Wichita Falls and beyond.

8. Love Pit Rescue – Dallas, TX

Love Pit Rescue is just four hours away from San Antonio because of its Dallas location. It works to help Pit Bulls in much the same way as the other names on this list. Primarily, that means caring for Pit Bulls while finding homes for them.

However, Love Pit Rescue is also involved in educational efforts that serve two purposes. First, it empowers people to become more responsible pet owners. Second, it pushes back against the stigma that causes so much suffering for the relevant dog breeds.

7. Pit Bull Ranch and Sanctuary – Goodrich, TX

Pit Bull Ranch and Sanctuary is about the same distance from San Antonio as Love Pit Rescue. This is one of the smaller operations on this list, as shown by its family-run nature.

Despite that, Pit Bull Ranch and Sanctuary does its best for its charges by caring for and finding new homes for them.

6. Brave Bully Rescue – Houston, TX

If you are interested in Pit Bull Ranch and Sanctuary, you should also check out Brave Bully Rescue in Houston. After all, interested individuals have to drive in the same direction if they come from San Antonio.

Moreover, Houston is a bit closer, as shown by the three-hour drive rather than the four-hour drive. Regardless, Houston is home to more than two million people, meaning it sees more Pit Bulls being sent to the local animal shelters.

Brave Bully Rescue exists to reduce the number that wind up euthanized because of a lack of resources. That is particularly important for Pit Bulls because the stigma makes them less adoptable than their counterparts with better popular images.

5. Guardian Pitbull Rescue – The Woodlands, TX

The Woodlands started as an exurb of Greater Houston. That means Guardian Pitbull Rescue is also within convenient driving distance of San Antonio.

It is another animal welfare organization that emphasizes educating the public to combat negative Pit Bull stereotypes. However, it is also involved in caring for dogs in need until more permanent arrangements can be found.

Guardian Pitbull Rescue says it takes Pit Bulls regardless of their needs, which is an admirable but challenging stance.

4. Paw Ranch Rescue & Animal Sanctuary – San Antonio, TX

Paw Ranch Rescue & Animal Sanctuary is an animal welfare organization that started because of a Pepsi grant in 2010. Strictly speaking, it isn’t just a Pit Bull rescue.

Instead, Paw Ranch Rescue & Animal Sanctuary helps all animals, as shown by its ambitious goal of making San Antonio a no-kill city. Besides caring for its charges, it runs other helpful programs.

For example, it helps pet owners with the costs of feeding their animal companions. Similarly, it matches seniors with senior pets by making the process more affordable than otherwise possible.

3. San Antonio Humane Society – San Antonio, TX

San Antonio Humane Society is another San Antonio-based animal welfare organization that helps Pit Bulls along with other animals. Please note that local humane societies in the United States are independent of their national counterparts.

As such, you shouldn’t make assumptions about the San Antonio Humane Society based on what you have heard about similar organizations with similar names.

That said, it provides more-or-less the services one would expect based on its name. Examples range from caring for unwanted animals to offering spaying and neutering. It is interesting to note that the San Antonio Humane Society has a no-kill policy.

2. Animal Defense League of Texas – San Antonio, TX

The Animal Defense League of Texas is the oldest no-kill animal shelter in San Antonio. As such, it is also one of the largest, as shown by its multiple campuses.

The organization always needs people to adopt dogs and other animals living in its facilities. That is because it prioritizes caring for its existing charges rather than taking in as many animals as possible. Due to this, adopting an animal allows it to help others in need.

1. Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue – San Antonio, TX

San Antonio residents interested in adopting a Pit Bull should visit Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue first. After all, it is situated in the same city, thus making it one of the most convenient choices.

Moreover, it specializes in Pit Bulls, thus making it the natural choice for would-be Pit Bull owners. Generally speaking, Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue will ask for a $150 donation rather than charge an adoption fee.

That is meant to cover vaccinations and other precautionary measures. Please note the numbers go up for Pit Bulls that need more complicated forms of medical care.

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