The 10 Best Pit Bull Rescues in Missouri

Pit Bull breeders exist throughout Missouri and the surrounding states. As a result, you should have no problem finding a suitable seller. However, you should consider a Pit Bull rescue if you want one of these dogs.

Such organizations do their best to take care of their charges. Unfortunately, they have limited resources, meaning they have a limited ability to help. Getting a rescue Pit Bull means getting a fully-viable dog at a lower price than otherwise possible. Furthermore, it frees up resources that can be used to help other animals in need.

Here are 10 of the best Pit Bull rescues in Missouri:

10. Wayside Waifs – Kansas City, MO

Wayside Waifs is one of the animal welfare organizations doing their best to reduce suffering in Kansas City and its surroundings. It claims membership in the no-kill community.

However, interested individuals should know that the term can see considerable variation in meaning from organization to organization.

In this case, Wayside Waifs uses it to indicate it will never euthanize adoptable animals. This promise doesn’t extend to animals falling under two categories. One would be those dangerous, while the other would be those with serious medical issues.

9. Lucky Chance Rescue – Wentzville, MO

Lucky Chance Rescue is in the St. Louis exurb of Wentzville. That said, its services cover other communities in the same area, thus making it a good choice for their residents to check out. Please note that Lucky Chance Rescue is a foster-based organization, meaning it couldn’t function without a network of volunteers fostering its charges.

8. No Time to Spare Animal Rescue and Sanctuary – Warrenton, MO

No Time to Spare Animal Rescue and Sanctuary helps animals through a multi-faceted approach. That is because it recognizes it can’t take in every homeless animal out there.

As a result, the organization does what it can in this regard while working to reduce the number through more indirect means. For example, it provides training and healthcare, which make its animals much more adoptable.

Similarly, it supports lower-income pet owners, thus making them more capable of bearing the costs of pet ownership.

7. Chain of Hope – Kansas City, MO

Kansas City is home to several animal welfare organizations that take in homeless animals. After all, it is the most populous city in the state by a considerable margin, so it makes sense for it to see such a concentration.

Like the other names on this list, Chain of Hope tackles the problem of homeless animals from various angles. Its operations include but are not limited to rescuing animals, raising awareness, and offering spaying and neutering.

The last is critical because pet overpopulation is a significant contributor to animal welfare organizations being flooded by more animals than they can take care of.

6. KC Pet Project – Kansas City, MO

The KC Pet Project has a campus based in Kansas City. However, it has more than a dozen other locations throughout Missouri and Kansas. As a result, if you want a Pit Bull, you should see if KC Pet Project has a place close to where you live.

Interestingly, the KC Pet Project isn’t the first organization responsible for running its Kansas City location. Previously, it had something like a 60 to 70 percent euthanization rate for its animals. Nowadays, the KC Pet Project says it maintains a better than 90 percent live release rate, which is a much more pleasing number.

5. Midwest Animal ResQ – Raytown, MD

Originally, Midwest Animal ResQ was a smaller organization that specialized in taking care of dogs from large-scale breeding facilities, which is a somewhat euphemistic term for puppy mills.

Over time, the organization has become better established. As a result, while it still cares about dogs from puppy mills, it has expanded its scope to include other animals in need.

4. Stray Rescue of St. Louis – St. Louis, MO

Unsurprisingly, St. Louis is also home to several animal welfare organizations working to help out as much as possible. Stray Rescue of St. Louis claims it stands out from its counterparts for one simple reason.

In short, it is willing to take in animals that other animal welfare organizations will not because the costs of treatment are too high. The organization has been around since the late 1990s. Thanks to that, it has seen incredible growth over time, thus enabling it to help more and more animals.

3. Humane Society of Missouri – St. Louis, MO

Interested individuals should know several animal welfare organizations with similar names operate throughout Missouri. Due to this, if you aren’t sure where to start looking, you could see if there is one close to your location.

Of course, one humane society isn’t the same as another, meaning thorough research is as relevant as ever. The Humane Society of Missouri has a long record of involvement in these matters, which makes sense because it came into existence in 1870.

2. Mutts-N-Stuff – St. Louis, MO

Most of the names on this list focus on animals in general rather than Pit Bulls in particular. As a result, they often have Pit Bulls in need of a new home because the stigmatization of these dog breeds makes them particularly vulnerable to homelessness.

However, they aren’t guaranteed to have them at any given time. Sometimes, you can get better results by checking out animal welfare organizations that specialize in working with Pit Bulls. For instance, Mutts-N-Stuff is a St. Louis-based organization dedicated to finding adoptable Pit Bulls in animal shelters and finding them new forever homes.

1. Missouri Pit Bull Rescue – Kansas City, MO

The issue with Pit Bull-specific animal welfare organizations is their relative scarcity. Due to this, you might not be able to find any in your local area. This is less of a problem for those living around the more populous cities.

For proof, consider Missouri Pit Bull Rescue, which is based out of Kansas City. This is yet another organization that started in the late 1990s because of a small number of dedicated enthusiasts before growing into something much more impressive over time through their hard work.

Like Mutts-N-Stuff, the Missouri Pit Bull Rescue is focused on connecting its charges with would-be Pit Bull owners while educating the public about these unfairly-maligned dog breeds.

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