The 10 Best Pit Bull Rescues in Oregon

It’s unfortunate in the extreme that pit bulls have a bad reputation, thanks in large part to the media. These dogs are typically nothing like the image that is projected on the evening news, yet the dogs themselves have an almost impossible time living down that image. As a result, there are an overwhelming majority of these dogs that are unwanted.

Fortunately, there are some animal rescues that are dedicated to saving them. Some specialize in working only with this particular breed while others are willing to take in both them and any other breed of dog in need. Below are 10 of the best within the state of Oregon.

10. Oregon Dog Rescue (Tualatin)

One of the truly great things about this particular rescue is that they take in all breeds of dogs. They are a dedicated no-kill facility that makes every effort to find the right home for each dog.

Oregon Dog Rescue are so dedicated to saving dogs that they even have a special place on their website where someone can volunteer to release a dog to their facility if they feel that they can no longer care for them properly. They also have several volunteer and fundraising events that take place each year.

9. Many Miles Home Rescue (Veneta)

This is a relatively small rescue that is dedicated mainly to saving pit bulls and pit bull cross breeds. However, they will take in any dog that is found to be in need of a good home.

They are very particular in who they decide to adopt their dogs out to. As such, you can only see their dogs by appointment and you have to have completed an application and be granted an appointment to meet with one of their specialists before the adoption procedure can progress.

8. Luv-A-Bull (Eugene)

This is a facility that takes pit bulls from other agencies when they are overcrowded. For the most part, the dogs come from other dog rescues and shelters around the state of Oregon.

Most of those shelters are high-kill facilities. The rescue takes all the pit bulls it can manage from places like this in an attempt to adopt them out to a good home. They also do a great deal of advocacy for the breed in general.

7. Family Dogs New Life Shelter (Portland)

This is something of a specialty facility in the sense that it adopts pit bulls and every other breed of dog that has some type of special need. In some cases, those needs are physical but in many cases, the needs are more in tune with overcoming popular opinion within the public, such as in the case with the pit bull. They are a no-kill facility that makes every effort to find each dog in their rescue a good home.

6. The Pixie Project (Portland)

This facility adopts dogs of all breeds, including pit bulls. They are unique in the sense that they also have a full cat adoption facility on the premises as well. They run a number of fundraisers and advocacy events each and every year. In addition to adopting pets out to good homes, they also have a clinic where people can bring pets to be spayed, neutered and get their vaccines for minimal cost.

5. Oregon Humane Society (Portland)

This is one of the busiest Humane Society facilities in the entire state. They see a large number of dogs of all breeds, including pit bulls. While this particular facility does its best to ensure that each one of these dogs is adopted out to a good home, they are also in touch with many of the specialty rescues that are also present on this list, especially in cases where they can’t find potential adopters for the dogs or where the dogs have physical or behavioral issues.

4. BrightSide Animal Center (Redmond)

This is one of the foremost animal rescue centers in the state. They rescue all kinds of breeds and they have several pit bulls on the premises more often than not. They work to find the best individuals possible to adopt the dogs that they have and they ensure that each animal is well cared for while in their presence. Like many animal shelters, they have a number of fundraising events and they’re always looking for people who are willing to volunteer their time.

3. The Pit Bull Pen Rescue (Benton City)

This facility specializes in pit bulls. As such, that is the only breed that they work with. They take in as many dogs as they possibly can and care for them in their no-kill facility.

They also do a great deal of advocacy for the breed and they get out in the public and try to educate individuals about the true nature of the breed as well as what it would be like to raise one in a loving home. Their goal is to change the way people look at the breed in general.

2. Greenhill Humane Society (Eugene)

This is another facility that does its best to adopt out as many pit bulls as possible. Unfortunately, they’re currently working with limited resources. As a result, they are only adopting out dogs when an application has been filled out and approved.

Anyone that is interested in adopting a pit bull or any other breed can contact them for more information in order to find out how they can get an application to fill out and when they might be able to set up an appointment to potentially adopt.

1. Jackson County Animal Shelter (Phoenix, OR)

This is also one of the busier animal shelters in the state. As such, they have all types of breeds that might be available for adoption at any given time, including pit bulls. Typically, they will send their pit bulls to one of the specialty rescues somewhere in the state if they are not adopted out fairly quickly. That being said, it isn’t at all uncommon to find these dogs available for adoption at this specific facility.

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