The 10 Best Pit Bull Rescues in New Jersey

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Pit bulls are arguably some of the most misunderstood dog breeds in the world. Their origin is traced back to the United Kingdom in the 1800s when breeders crossed Old English Bulldogs and Old English Terriers, both extinct today. Pit bulls controversial reputation as super-aggressive dogs comes from a cruel sport called bull baiting which they excelled at.

Although they are not innately dangerous, they can become quite violent, especially when owned by irresponsible people. Pit bulls are quite affectionate and friendly when treated right. Because of their reputation, dog rescue centers have seen an increase in Pit bulls over the years. If you are in New Jersey and are looking to get a pit bull, then here are 10 of the best pit bull rescues in the state.

10. Rescue Ridge Shelter (Spring Lake, NJ 07762)

Rescue Ridge shelter is one of the best animal rescue shelters in the state. According to the Rescue Ridge Website, they have various rescue homes and kennels in Monmouth County and Ocean County. It is an all-rounded animal shelter, and they take in all kinds of abandoned animals, including dogs, cats, and horses, to mention a few. Rescue Ridge rescues animals that are meant to be euthanized. Pitbulls are also a big part of their rescue dogs, and anyone looking for a pitbull in New Jersey will find a companion in their shelters.

9. North Star Pet Rescue (187 Plane St, Boonton, NJ 07005)

Founded in 2017, North Star Pet rescue is one of the newest animal rescue organizations in New Jersey. They bring in all breeds of dogs that need to be rescued, and they mostly get them from Southern states like Texas, which have a serious overpopulation problem in many of their animal shelters. Pit bulls are not exempted from their rescue dogs; they take in all the pits they can and try to find a new loving home.

8. Don’t Bully Us Pit Bull Rescue (Wenonah, New Jersey)

Don’t Bully Us Rescue is a dog rescue organization that primarily focuses on rescuing pit bulls and other bully breeds. They are a foster-based organization based in both New Jersey and Philadelphia. They are committed to rescuing these dogs and educating families on properly caring for them. The Don’t Bully Us Organization wants to build a society that shows compassion towards pit bulls and other dogs considered too aggressive.

7. Brick City Rescue (Lincoln Park, New Jersey)

Brick City Rescue is one of the dog rescue centers in New Jersey that focus mainly on bully breeds, such as pit bulls. They provide food, shelter, training, and medical attention to all their rescues and encourage people to show some compassion to dogs that are considered aggressive, like Pit bulls. Brick City Rescue works hard to promote responsible dog ownership and educate people about breeds that are discriminated against.

6. Friends-Linden Animal Shelter (Range Road, Linden)

Popular as FOLAS, the Friends-Linden Animal Shelter is one of New Jersey’s nonprofit animal rescue organizations committed to rescuing and finding loving homes for Pit bulls. While they rescue dogs of all breeds and cats, they have demonstrated their commitment to bully breeds by finding thousands of homes for pit bulls since its establishment in 2000. They test, vet, and spray all their rescues and treat them for any health issues before joining the shelter. FOLAS educates all pit bull owners on understanding and caring for their pit bulls properly before they adopt them.

5. South Jersey Rescue (Adalisa Avenue, Gibbstown)

South Jersey Rescue is one of the most committed animal rescue organizations in New Jersey. With more than 15 years of experience rescuing pit bulls and other dogs, they have become a household animal rescue name in the state. The rescue is run by volunteers who house the rescues in their homes or foster homes. South Jersey Rescue gets most of its funding from volunteers, who gladly sacrifice some of their earnings to care for pit bulls and other rescue dogs. They are committed to providing neglected pit bulls a second chance by naturing them back to health, giving them food and shelter, and providing the pits with much-needed training.

4. New Beginnings Animal Rescue (742 Route 18, East Brunswick)

The New Beginnings animal shelter provides safe homes for bully breeds and homeless pit bulls. They nurse these pups back to health by vetting them, feeding them, and providing them with a clean and safe environment to thrive. They take good care of the dogs and other animals before they get a loving family willing to adopt them. Through their tireless volunteers, this rescue organization makes alienated Pit bulls feel at home before they finally get permanent homes. They are well known for their amazing customer service and beautiful facilities.

3. Liberty Humane Society (235 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City)

Liberty Humane Society is a nonprofit animal rescue organization that takes in different animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and critters. They have, however, demonstrated their love for the pit bulls and their commitment to finding them new homes through their unique program dubbed “pit bulls are loving’ (PAL). The program focuses on helping potential adopters eliminate the negative pit bull stereotype and look at them as loving and loyal dogs that could be great additions to their homes.

2. Eleventh Hour Rescue (Rockaway Mall, Rockaway Township)

The Eleventh Hour Rescue organization is an animal rescue organization that swoops in at the last minute to save dogs and cats slated for euthanization in New Jersey. They rescue these dogs and cats from other shelters that cannot continue caring for them. They mostly rescue bully breeds like Pit bulls, terriers, and bulldogs. The organization relies heavily on its volunteers, who donate countless hours to the welfare of these dogs.

1. Jersey Pits Rescue (Garwood, New Jersey)

Jersey Pits rescue is one of the newer dog rescue organizations focused mainly on saving pit bulls. It was founded in 2018 by two women, Dani and Kay. The organization’s sole purpose is to rescue the numerous pit bulls in New Jersey. Many of these dogs are killed in local dog shelters. Jersey Pits Rescue takes care of the pit bulls until they find new homes where they can thrive. They take in all kinds of pits including those that are out right fearful and aggressive. They provide these dogs with the love and care they need and train them to be nice and feel safe.

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