20 Things Only Pit Bull Owners Can Understand

Being the owner of a pitbull can be a very rewarding experience, but it has its moments. Thanks to all the media coverage telling people that pitbulls are killers, angry dogs that attack and bad for kids, people and everyone in between, many people are terrified of this breed.

It doesn’t help that the pitbull does look intimidating, but it’s not fair for those who don’t know dogs not to give them a chance. But not everyone will give a pit a chance, and it’s because they’ve either had a bad experience with one that was poorly raised and poorly trained in the past or they just listen to what people like to say about this animal.

There’s no changing anyone’s minds, to be quite honest, but there is something worth discussing. If you’re a pitbull owner, you will totally understand that there are certain things owners of other dog breeds just don’t understand.


1. People Pack Up and Go

When you arrive to the park with your dog in hand, you will see that people immediately call their dogs and kids over, pack up and get going. So many people are just terrified of these dogs and they will do whatever possible to stay away. As if you brought your dog to the park specifically so that it would attack their kids or their dogs. As if you would bring a dangerous dog to the park to play with their dogs or kids.


2. They’re So Protective

If you have this dog at home, you know it’s not about to let anything happen to your kids, you or your home. The pitbull is going to protect you from the moment you bring it home, and it’s going to protect you because it loves you and wants to spend that time with you. This is a dog that just does not want to be away from you. And it will make sure you never feel as if you are in danger.


3. They’re Cuddly

The pitbull doesn’t look like a very cuddly dog, but it’s a very cuddly dog. This breed just loves to be up close and personal with the people in its life for good reason. That reason is that it loves you and it wants to be close to you. So go ahead and enjoy some time with this breed since it’s going to make you feel good about yourself and your relationship.


4. They Take up all the Space

The bed, the couch, the floor; whatever you feel you want to spend time sitting or resting or laying on, the dogs already have that covered for you. No, really, they literally have it covered for you. This is a dog that wants to hang out on the furniture and everywhere in between. There will not be any space for you. Sorry, but this breed doesn’t care if you can’t fit up there with them. They just care that they fit.


5. People are Terrified  

You will learn very quickly with this breed on a leash that people are terrified. They will shrink away, they will cross the street, they will stop coming over. People are terrified of this breed, and it’s because it is a breed that really has a bad reputation. Sure, some of them are bad dogs. But that’s because they’re being raised by people who don’t teach them proper behavior and they’re raised in dangerous and uncaring situations. That makes it hard on them.


6. They Don’t Like to be Wrong

If this dog feels as if it has been wronged by you, it will tell you. It will argue with you about what’s right and what’s not. It will literally sit down in front of you and talk to you about what has happened until you either give in or until it feels better about the situation as a whole. Either way, this is just not a dog that likes to be wrong; ever. So it’s going to argue with you.


7. People Will Judge You

The second you show up with a pitbull, people will judge you. They will think you are mean and awful or that you don’t love your kids or that you’re uneducated as to what kind of dog you have. They will think you are stupid and awful. They will think that you are not a nice person. They will think so many awful and horrible things about you. They will not be good people to you at times, and they will judge you. And you just have to learn to ignore it and more right on.


8. People Will Expect you to Put your Dog Away

It never fails that no one asks dog owners with a maltese to put their dogs away, but the second they enter the home of a pitbull, they start asking you to put the dog away because it scares them or the kids or something to that effect. And while it is nice to put the dog up if someone is over with their new baby or small kids and the dog is a little excited, you’re going to find this request as rude as it actually is.


9. They’re Big Teddy Bears

You know your dog is not a vicious and malicious monster. You know he’s sweet and kind and loving, and he’s just a big old teddy bear. It’s what makes this dog so sweet. You love him, and you know that most dogs get a bad rap thanks to poor owners, but you take pride in knowing that your dog is well-behaved and cuddly because you raised him to be such a sweetheart. Good for you.


10. People Tell their Kids to Stay Away

If you had a Chihuahua, no one would tell their kids to stay away. Except for me. Those creep me out and I think they’re far meaner than most big dogs (and this comes from 14 years of being tortured by my aunt’s). But most people are going to warn their kids to stay away from your bigger dog. Your dog, though, probably hates that. He would love that attention from the kids and he would think it was wonderful.


11. You Learn Which Toys are Worth It

Some toys can’t handle the excitement of a pitbull, and that’s something you learn very quickly as an owner. You’ll waste a few dollars at first, buying things that the dog just cannot handle. But you will get over it and you will learn what can and cannot be used and loved by a dog like this for more than a minute or two at a time. You live and you learn; it’s life.


12. People Want to Know if you Know about the Pit

Because you have a pitbull, you must be a big ol’ dummy, right? Didn’t you hear that they’re dangerous and crazed and will eat your family and attack the mailman? I mean, it’s all over the news all the time! So clearly you don’t know, and that’s why you have one. People are going to tell you this ALL the time. They’re going to remind you that your dog is dangerous and awful and act as if they are doing you a favor rather than infuriating you with their rudeness.


13. No One wants to Rent to You

It’s not easy to rent a home or an apartment with a ‘dangerous’ breed. The sad news, however, is that this is not likely to change in the near future. These are dogs that are considered dangerous by many, and insurance companies charge far more for these animals to live in a house than other animals. You’re going to have to live with that and pay a lot more for your rental if you choose to have a pitbull. It’s just a fact of life in this day and age.


14. Your Antics do Not Amuse Them

You are hilarious; we know it. You should have been a comic, and you’re hilarity is off the charts. But I bet your pitbull does not find you even remotely amusing. You can dance around like a clown and he or she will not even give you the time of day. But the second they feel the need to do the same thing, they are going to make sure that you think they are absolutely hilarious. Because it would be inappropriate if you didn’t.


15. They Snore

If you think your husband is annoying when he snores, just wait until you meet the pitbull. This is a dog that is so annoying when it snores that you will never get a good night’s sleep ever again. That is, unless you find a way to drown out the noise that the dog makes when he snores all night long. It’s a travesty, really. And it will keep you up for hours. And you will wonder why you wanted a dog in the first place at least a half dozen times a night.


16. They Manipulate with their Faces

They love to make you do what they want by making the most hilarious faces you’ll ever see. They are so much fun when they do this, but I promise you that you will not be able to turn them down. The thing is, though, that they know this all too well. They know that you will not say no to them when they make the manipulation faces, and that’s just how they roll.


17. They’re Competitive

Playing a game outside with the pit means you absolutely have to bring your A game. Your dog is not going to allow you to do anything but. This animal demands that you bring it and you bring it now. It’s competitive and it’s funny to watch it, but the dog is not going to go easy on you for even a second. That’s what people love about these gorgeous dogs. This is a dog that likes to win, so watch out for the major competition coming your way.


18. The Head Tilt

As a pitbull owner, you know that this breed has perfected the head tilt. And you probably even know what it means depending on the situation. It’s very humanlike of him, too. One head tilt might mean that he’s a bit confused by your antics. The other might mean he’s not sure why you’re still talking when what you have to say is clearly so unimportant that it’s not even funny. Another might mean, “Hey. I’m here. I want something. Maybe a treat or maybe some love. See me tilting my head? See me looking cute? Go ahead and give me something. Please.”


19. The Drama

There is a lot of drama to be had with a pitbull. People are always going to tell you that you’re crazy for having one. Some people will not allow you to bring your dog to their home for gatherings even though they allow everyone else to bring their dogs. It’s just one of those things. People think that they’re doing the ‘best’ for the people they are with, but they’re just alienating you and your family. It’s not nice, but it’s what life can be like sometimes when you choose to love this breed.


20. The Nice Thing is that No One will Bother You

On a good note, though, no one is going to stop and talk to you on a walk. If you’re a bit on the reclusive (read: not a fan of people) side, you’re going to love the fact that this happens. The only other people that will stop you will be pit owners or former pit owners. Most people will cross the street and try to stay away from you and your big, vicious, mean, rotten dog that might just lick them to death with excitement if they even acknowledge him for a second.

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  1. Hilarious, but so true! I have been in love with the breed for 30+ years. I don’t currently own one, but I have access to a gorgeous, sweet blue boy. Oh the stories I could tell!

  2. Anyone that would breed, own or support a pit bull should be sent to a mental institution and fully lobotomized. I have seen the faces of children horribly and permanently disfigured. I have heard of the children and other family pets killed by an animal breed for killing.

    1. You make quite a serious statement about the millions of pit bull lovers around the world. “I’ve heard, I’ve heard…” is a pretty lame excuse for such vitriol. Obviously you’ve never met one. It’s also quite obvious you are so judgmental on a subject you know less than ZERO about that if you were ever LUCKY enough to be in the presence of this amazing breed you wouldn’t allow them the opportunity to change your pig-headed, closed and locked mind (and they WOULD show you just how idiotic your ridiculous statements are). YOUR LOSS. You are way off base in making a statement that I, PERSONALLY “should be sent to a mental institution and fully lobotomized” only because I ADORE MY PIT BULL, and my opinion is different than yours (THANK GOD!!!) is OFFENSIVE and EVIL.

      I suppose you kick puppies and kittens when you meet them on the street, and poison kids’ Halloween candy. Gee, I bet you’re just a real peach to be around. If you don’t like something why don’t you start an intelligent dialogue and have a NORM CONVERSATION? Or is that beneath you as well? Oh, but wait! You clearly prefer to call names and make evil judgments about people and topics you know nothing about. Well guess what? That makes you a NOBODY. Who gives a rat’s *ss what your opinion is? NOBODY, THAT’S WHO. So just slither away back to your sewer and let us civilized people enjoy this great article and swap stories about our awesome dogs.

  3. I have been around Pit Bulls for most of my life i currently have 2 .My female is a American Staffy blue in color with some white on her chest .She is 2 years old spayed and chipped.We got her at 6weeks.she was given replacement milk along with her puppy science diet till 8 weeks.She weighs at 62 pds and is very active and healthy. She loves kids and as long as i don’t feel threatened she loves all adults.She will protect me at any cost she was easy to house break and knows several commands.A all around awesome but very spoiled girl . 2nd is our rescue he had been dumped a few blocks from my house at 9weeks.We fell in love with him and is a APBT/boxer mix more pit bull than boxer.he is black amd white and was also easy to house break and kennel train.He is learning new commands every week.he is extremely hyper and loves his new big sister.he has already started showing signs of being protective of me and our home.Both my pittys do have seperation anxiety. I am stay home housewife /pitty mama.So they usealy go with unless they cant go in.then i have my son stay home with them.Pit bulls are very miss understood and Pit Bulls are not for everyone. SOif your planing on owning one do your homework and please check out the pit bull rescues and animal shelter before buying one.save a life you wont regret it.

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