The 10 Best Pit Bull Rescues in Michigan

Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are amazing dogs that quickly bounce back from unexpected conditions. Though they have faced stigma and are sometimes victims of neglect and trauma, they have demonstrated enough capabilities to cope with new surroundings when taken care of. The history of pit bull rescues in the United States goes back to post-Civil War times.

Over the years, the desire for man to see animals being more comfortable has pushed dog lovers to push for laws that have made the creation of Pit Bull rescues possible. This article will guide us on Michigan’s ten best pit bull rescues.

10. Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue (FMARR) (Belleville, MI)

Since 2003, Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue has been offering rescue services to pit bulls and other animals, mainly cats. The organization has animal rescue volunteers who depend on the community reports to identify dogs that need their services. To Join them, one must fill out a volunteer form. 

The organization also has a clearly defined adoption process through which you can have a pit bull from them. They give some conditions which you must meet before you get a pet from them. You will never leave the dog unattended, and the pet will not be given out as a pet. Adopting a dog from FMAR ranges from $250 to $350, depending on their breed and age.

9. Misfit Angels Dog Rescue (Eastpointe, MI)

Misfit Angels Rescue is a group of fosters and volunteers who provide housing and re-homing services to stray, neglected, or unwanted dogs. They cover the Wayne, St. Clair, and Macomb counties in Michigan. When they identify a pit bull in need, they show it, extraordinary love, by giving it food, medical attention, and playing toys.

They also spray, vaccinate and microchip the dogs before they give them to new owners. They also provide basic commands training to the dogs. The fact that they have drawn volunteers from different places gives them a chance to understand dog problems in Michigan comprehensively.

8. Rebel Dogs Detroit (Detroit, MI)

Rebel Dogs Detroit is a radical dog rescue center that believes that there are dogs that are abused and abandoned in Michigan. Their focus is not only to rescue these dogs but also to ensure that they offer pet retention support to Detroit community members who feel they can continue providing shelter for their loved dogs despite having financial challenges.

They are open to volunteers, and their dog adoption process is self-explanatory. Adopting an adult dog from them is $275, while puppies go for an average of $375. Before they give you a dog, you will have to physically demonstrate that you have the capabilities to understand and manage it in the presence of the other pets you may have.

7. The Devoted Barn (Holly, MI)

One of Michigan’s most expansive animal care centers is the Devoted Barn. Its 56 acres provide ample space for all stray dogs, and pit bulls are no exception. The center is famous for having the ability to give pit bulls a chance to mingle with other animals. They also use the vast space to provide adequate training for the dogs.

If you need your dog to have a particular skill, you can contract with them for such services. The result is that you will likely get one that is friendly to other animals. They have a program specifically dedicated to helping feral dogs, ensuring that the dogs fall into the hands of caring owners. Their dogs go for an average of $200.

6. Paradise Animal Rescue (Lapeer, MI)

If you are around Lapeer, Michigan, and you are looking for a pit bull rescue center, then Paradise Animal Rescue will get you sorted. Besides helping the dogs and cats find their homes, they vaccinate, spray and neutralize them. Therefore, when you get a pit bull from them, the chances that it will be more friendly are high. For one to adopt a pit bull from them, they should:

I. Fill out an application form. The form also comes with an adoption contract that demands you commit yourself to the dog’s well-being.

II. Await the approval of the application. It takes five days for the rescue center to call you. They might also contact you at this stage and demand more answers.

III. After successful approval, you are allowed to take the pet home. In some situations, they may demand to visit and see the conditions of the place where the dog will be residing.

5. Almost Home Animal Rescue (West Bloomfield, MI)

After frustration with how other shelters and rescues mistreated animals, Gail Montgomery founded the Almost Home Animal Rescue in 2001. His idea was to recreate an ‘ideal home’ environment for stray animals. It is a foster-based rescue center that allows volunteers to join any time. The non-profit organization depends on donations given out by well-wishers and is in West Bloomfield, Michigan (48325). Other than dogs, the facility also takes care of cats.

In some cases, it also seeks the help of other dog owners who have free dog space to hold them on their behalf before they find a permanent home for the pit bull. Before adopting a from the rescue center, you must prove that you own a home or that your rental agreement allows you not to keep dogs.

4. K-9 Stray Rescue League (Oxford, MI)

Since 1990 K-9 Stray Rescue League, a Michigan registered non-profit organization, has been offering rescue services to pit bulls that are astray or the ones whose owners have surrendered. The center is at 21 Metamora Road, Oxford, Michigan. It is one of the few rescue centers which focus only on dogs.

Besides rescuing them, it also educated the public on responsible pet ownership. It has enlisted the services of some of the leading K-9 vets in the state. The three most notable are Dr. Stephen Steep (Oxford Veterinary Hospital), Dr. Patrick Glidden (Lakeville Animal Clinic), and Dr. Andrea Milam (Orion Oaks Animal Hospital). All these experts have helped the organization develop a comprehensive dog treatment and care program.

3. I Heart Dogs (Warren, MI)

Unlike many animal rescue centers, I Heart Dogs was founded with the initial intention to focus on stray dogs, and pit bulls are one of their focus areas. They are famous for offering quality rehabilitation services to animals, giving them another chance in their lives. For you to apply for the adoption of a Pitbull from them, you should:

  • Be 21 years and above, for they will demand that you produce a driver’s license.
  • Be living within a 50-mile radius of their shelter located at 222415 Groesbeck Hwy, Warren 48089 and,
  • Provide evidence that you own a home or, if you have rented, produce proof that your rental agreement allows you to own a dog.

Their detailed adoption procedure is as straightforward in their adoption guide. They also allow those unable to keep their dogs to return them.

2. Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue (Detroit, MI)

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue is a 501C3 non-profit entity that picks up stray dogs with chronic injuries or illnesses. It partners with 21 other organizations which adopt the dogs after they have rescued them. In addition, the rescue center corporates with the Metro Detroit Police departments to ensure adherence to Pitbull rights.

The organization runs purely on donations and does not receive government funds. Before transferring the pit bulls to the adopting entities, they first give them complete treatment. They also allow people to adopt pit bulls directly or refer them to the other 21 facilities.

Suppose you notice a stray dog that is sick, injured, emaciated, or needs medical attention, you can send a free text to 248-906-9022, and the Detroit Pit Crew will show up ASAP.

1. Mosh Pit Rescue (MPR) (Grand Rapids, MI)

MPR was established in 2017 to adopt and foster male pit bulls and advance their advocacy. The idea was very successful, and by 2021, they were looking into the well-being of all dogs and cats. Most of their dogs and cats are from West Michigan, and they do not accept animals from outside the state.

Once they pull the dog, they focus on their rehabilitation and training as they give them shelter support. They not only focus on pit bulls on the streets but also help those at home whose owners lack the financial muscles to treat their pets. MPR is known for its stand against puppy designer stores and puppy mills.

They focus only on rescuing and do not buy dogs from breeders. In their advocacy for animal rights, they believe that pets should be owned forever. They do not entertain cases of persons who want to disown their dogs unless the owners die or they get an abroad military deployment.

How Can One Identify a Pitbull

Now that you know the best pit bull rescues you can walk into in Michigan. Some of them may have more than one dog breed. If you find yourself in such a rescue, you need to be aware that:

  • They have athletic, muscular, and properly-defined body appearances. They may be different sizes, but their bodies look powerful and athletic.
  • They have thick necks and broad, wedge-shaped heads. Due to the long muzzle, you will realize that the dogs have a wedge-shaped authority with low foreheads.
  • Their eyes are deep in the skull, and they have high-set ears.
  • Almost all pit bulls have a single coat that remains short and can be either bristly or smooth in texture. Their colors range from chocolate, tan, white, and black; sometimes, they can combine these colors.
  • Pit bulls are also active, and many users have described them as aggressive. When you get one, ensure that you take it through a socialization process.

Relevant Pitbull Laws in Michigan

Every state has its specific laws on the authorization of ownership of dogs. The good thing with Michigan is that it has not imposed any specific broad bans on any particular dog breed. The Michigan Legislature passed a bill (Number 741) on April 12, 2018, burning any county from passing laws or adopting policies that regulate dogs based on their breed or perceived origin. However, it is essential to note that some cities and towns have passed laws that directly affect the ownership of Pitbull.

  1. That the Besser Township Order Number 121 banns the ownership of Pit Bull Terriers within the town’s limits.
  2. You can own a Pitbull dog in Carson City, but you should keep it confined and erect with signage reading ” Beware of Vicious Dog.”
  3. In Center Line, a law describes Pitbull as ‘dangerous dogs,’ and owners are only allowed to have one of them.
  4. In Alma, there is a county declaration that pit bulls are ‘vicious dogs’; before owning one, you should apply for a license from the city clerk and obtain proof that you have liability insurance in case the dog attacks someone.
  5. In Moorland Township, pit bulls are considered dangerous animals. You are not allowed to let them leave the kennel without a leash, and you should also erect a “Beware of Dog” sign and have $50,000 liability insurance for any injury the dog may cause.

These are just some of the laws applicable to Pit bulls in Michigan. However, there are for public safety, and they should not make you not get a pit bull that you admire. For more information on each city’s or county’s laws on pit bulls, you can read them from the Monroe County Lawyers.

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