The 10 Best Pit Bull Rescues in Arkansas

If you want to get a dog at an affordable price, your best bet is getting a rescue dog. Yes, there are dog breeders that sell for cheap. The issue is that they aren’t always trustworthy.

Some produce as many puppies as possible without regard for their well-being, thus increasing the chances of medical problems in the long run.

Others lie about what they sell, which is extremely problematic when dogs are so variable. As such, your best low-cost option is checking out Pit Bull rescues and similar organizations for your dream dog.

Here are ten of the best Pit Bull rescues in Arkansas:

10. Morning Meadow Animal Rescue – Carthage, AR

Morning Meadow Animal Rescue is an organization in South Central Arkansas that makes its charges available to interested individuals throughout the country.

Thanks to this, people in all but one of the states have adopted animals from it. Please note that Morning Meadow Animal Rescue is willing to euthanize its charges under limited circumstances.

Specifically, it does so when its veterinarian makes a recommendation based on severe injury, severe illness, or aggressive behavior. Otherwise, its charges are allowed to live out their lives even if they aren’t adopted.

9. Friends of the Animal Village – Little Rock, AR

Friends of the Animal Village is named thus because of Little Rock’s animal shelter, the Little Rock Animal Shelter. It serves as a sort of supporting organization for the latter.

In effect, Friends of the Animal Village isn’t that different from the other organizations on this list. Interested individuals might have heard something about Pit Bulls being banned in Little Rock.

If so, they should know that Pit Bulls are banned in North Little Rock, which sits across the Arkansas River from its better-known counterpart.

Little Rock did absorb its northern neighbor in the late 19th century, though that lasted a short time before the latter reclaimed its independence in the early 20th century.

8. Northeast Arkansas Humane Society – Jonesboro, AR

Local humane societies are separate from their national-level counterparts in the United States. As such, the first tends to be focused on caring for animals in need, while the second tends to be more concerned with broader initiatives that small organizations lack the resources to tackle.

This means local humane societies are good places to check out for people who want to adopt dogs. For instance, the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society is based in Jonesboro but provides services throughout the titular region.

7. West Memphis Animal Shelter – West Memphis, AR

West Memphis is a not particularly populous city in East Arkansas. However, it is better connected than interested individuals might expect because it sits across the Mississippi River from Memphis, TN, thus making it a part of the Memphis metropolitan area. The West Memphis Animal Shelter seems to be well-respected. As such, locals might want to start their search for their future dog by checking it out rather than one of its more distant counterparts.

6. Humane Society of Marion County Arkansas – Yellville, AR

Interested individuals should know that this organization isn’t the same as the Humane Society of Marion County, which is in Florida rather than Arkansas. Indeed, it has no ties to the city, the county, or higher-tier animal welfare organizations.

Instead, it continues to operate through the support of volunteers and other like-minded individuals. Despite this, this organization is a no-kill shelter that accepts cats, dogs, and other animals.

It is even willing to take in farm animals, which makes sense considering its surroundings but is nonetheless an incredible commitment. After all, their sheer size can make farm animals more difficult to care for than cats and dogs.

5. Humane Society of the Ozarks – Fayetteville, AR

The Northeast Arkansas Humane Society provides services throughout the titular region. Meanwhile, the Humane Society of the Ozarks does the same for Northwest Arkansas, which makes sense because that is where the Arkansan part of the Ozarks lies. Regardless, this is one of the organizations on this list with the deepest roots because it has been around since 1946.

4. DogsOnly – Little Rock, AR

DogsOnly is a Little Rock-based organization helping the titular animals in Arkansas, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Primarily, it rescues dogs from animal shelters before getting them ready for adoption.

However, DogsOnly is also involved in other operations because homeless dogs are a multi-faceted problem that can’t be tackled through a single solution.

3. Pit Ridge Rescue – Rogers, AR

Pit Bulls are often seen in a negative light. As a result, Pit Bull lovers often form organizations that specialize in helping out these dogs. One excellent example is Pit Ridge Rescue in Northwest Arkansas.

Anyone determined to get a Pit Bull might want to check out Pit Ridge Rescue and other Pit Bull-focused organizations before looking into their less-focused counterparts.

2. Out of the Ashes Pit Bull Rescue – Benton, AR

This organization is in Benton. That means it is a part of Central Arkansas, which is centered on the state capital of Little Rock. It works with other animal rescues and animal welfare organizations to rescue Pit Bulls before finding new homes for them. Please note it doesn’t accept owner surrenders, which is true for some Pit Bull rescues but not for others.

1. NWA Bully Haven Rescue – Springdale, AR

NWA Bully Haven Rescue is another Pit Bull-focused organization based in Northwest Arkansas. That might reflect the latter’s status as one of the more densely-populated parts of the state.

In any case, interested individuals should know NWA Bully Haven Rescue is a very regional organization. For instance, interested individuals don’t need to live in Springdale itself.

However, they will need to live within two hours because the organization will need to conduct a home check. Besides this, it is interesting to note that NWA Bully Haven Rescue relies on its network of foster homes to house its charges because it lacks a central facility for them.

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