10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Blue Nose Pitbull

At first glance, the blue nose pit bull is an intimidating animal. This medium-size dog has a strong appearance that is a bit deceiving. While the dog is very strong, it’s also very gentle and friendly. Its large head, strong jaw and muscular frame often encourage people to believe these dogs are dangerous and prone to attack, but they’re not. All blue nose pit bulls who are brought up correctly are not bred as aggressive animals that are going to attack first and ask questions later. These are dogs that are going to behave kindly and with intelligence, and they are going to do well in most homes.

Their reputation for being dangerous comes from the fact that these dogs are sometimes used in dog fighting rings in which they are brought up by criminals who teach them aggressive behavior. It’s this behavior and these people that cause these dogs to become very unpopular. They’re a kind of dog that are often found in kennels and pounds simply because too many people are afraid to give them a chance as a pet in their own home, preferring something with a less than intimidating appearance and reputation.

If you are in the market for a new dog and you are considering a blue nose pitbull, you might consider the fact that these dogs are not aggressive, mean or even scary. They’re very kind, considerate and loyal. In fact, they’re also considered the most affectionate dog in the world. Surprised? Read on to find out 10 more interesting facts about the blue nose pitbull if you’re considering adopting any blue nose pitbull puppies.

They Don’t Always Have a Blue Nose

Considering the fact that its official name is the blue nose pitbull, it would only make sense that this dog comes complete with a blue nose, would it not? Incorrect; the blue nose pitbull can actually sport a blue nose, a red nose or a black nose. It’s not something that’s completely blue all the time. In fact, it’s not even considered an imperfection to have a blue nose pitbull without a blue nose. Each one is considered part of the blue nose breed, even without the blue nose. What causes the noses of these animals to change color and become anything other than blue is not really something that dog experts have figured out at this point. Aside from simple genetics, the combination of genes that causes this is relatively unknown. If you encounter a blue nose pitbull with a red or black nose, do not allow yourself to consider that the dog is imperfect; it is not.

They Have a Bad Reputation

Pitbulls have a bad reputation among most people, and this includes the blue nose pitbull. These dogs were used in the long ago past as animals that were killed for sport. In the 1800s, before animal cruelty laws were passed, these dogs were used to bait bulls in a pen in front of large audiences. The purpose of this sport was to anger the bull so that the bull would attack. It was a bloody event that always ended in the death and maiming of more than one pitbull, and people who came to these events loved them. Of course, it’s graphic, disgusting and completely awful in every way, shape and form – but it’s the reality. These dogs were bred to be very aggressive and very mean back then, and that’s why they have the reputation they have today. They’re actually one of the friendliest breed of dogs, but those who are raised inappropriately to be aggressive have managed to ruin the reputation of these beautiful animals for many.

They’ve Very Active

The blue nose pitbull is one of the most active dogs in the world. This is a dog that is not going to get on well with lazy owners who like to stay home and inside. They don’t do well in homes without a nearby park their owners are willing to walk them to at least once a day or at least a big backyard in which they can run around and enjoy their time off the leash and out of the house. Without frequent exercise and entertainment, these dogs become very bored and a little bit dangerous to have in the house. If the blue nose pitbull is not taken outside at least once per day for play time, it will work out its energy in the house. Since this is not a small dog, it can be very dangerous for your small breakables and your furniture. These are dogs that require frequent exercise as well, or they will become overweight, lethargic and lazy. It’s best to take them out for a long walk at least once per day, and to let them out in the yard to run around and burn off energy at least once a day for a while.

They Have Human-Like Emotions

Believe it or not, the blue nose pitbull is very similar to a human in his way of thinking. These dogs are very emotional, and they do have more irrational, rational and other human emotions than any other dog in the world. What this means for you is that this is the kind of dog that will relate to you more than other dogs. However, it’s also the kind of dog that’s going to be a bit more stubborn and difficult to deal with when it’s feeling emotional. Hurt feelings are something that can occur very easily with a dog like this, since it thinks and feels so much like a human. Imagine insulting a teenage girl and her reaction to that and now imagine how this dog feels when you insult it. It’s going to have the same kind of reaction as a human who is upset by your words, behaviors or actions. It’s kind of amusing when you think about it, but this dog is very emotional and very stubborn, and if you make it angry, it might give you the canine version of the silent treatment.


They Do Get Sick

Dogs are not perfect. They’re just like other animals and humans in that they are prone to certain illnesses and they will probably not live forever as a completely healthy animal. While the blue nose pitbull is a fairly healthy animal, it’s not one that’s immune from illness. It is one of the healthier dog breeds, but it’s still prone to certain health issues. For example, blue nose pitbulls are known for being prone to allergies to grass, which is a very sad allergy for a dog to end up living with. They are also recognized as being prone to heart disease and cataracts. What this means as the owner of a blue nose pitbull is that you will want to keep all scheduled veterinarian appointments at all times. It’s not a good idea to only go to the vet when your dog is feeling ill; you’ll want to go regularly so that your dog can be screened for these illnesses so that they may be diagnosed early if they do occur.

They Get on Well with Kids

It might come as a surprise to many that a dog with this much intimidation in just his appearance is actually a giant teddy bear. When properly raised to respect and care for humans and those around him, the blue nose pitbull is one of the most sincere, affectionate and loving dogs in the world. The blue nose pitbull is known for being very gentle and affectionate with small children and other animals, and they’re even said to want to be lap dogs that climb on the furniture and cuddle with their owners. What makes these dogs great with kids is the fact that they are very tough. Their pain tolerance is very high, which makes them able to sit around and take some abuse from kids who love to hug them too tight, climb on them and grab onto their tales and ears. It doesn’t hurt them, so the dogs have no reason to be mean to the kids. They’re a great family pet, even though most people wouldn’t consider one in their own home.

They’re Very Smart

If we are honest, it can be said that pitbulls are very intimidating looking but they’re also dogs that don’t look as if they’d be very smart. They have goofy faces at times, and it is often enough to lull people into thinking these are not intelligent animals. This is not the case. Blue nose pitbulls are highly intelligent, very eager to please animals. The combination makes them one of the easiest breed of dog to teach and train because they want to please their owners, and they’re smart enough to know how to do it. They are very responsive to positive behavior, and often respond far better to a positive spin on discipline. For example, you can easily reprimand a dog for poor behavior by telling it what a good animal it is for its good behavior.

They’re Not Good Watchdogs

Most anyone would consider a blue nose pitbull a good watchdog, but he simply is not. These dogs are intimidating in appearance, medium-size dogs that look as if they have the mean personality to keep intruders away and warn their loved ones when danger in imminent. However, they’re really lousy at doing exactly that. These dogs do not bark at strangers unless they are taught to do so. While they are very loyal dogs, this does not make them very protective dogs. They love their families, but they’re very friendly animals that also love anyone else. All an intruder or stranger has to do to win this dog over is approach with a treat or a friendly smile and offer to pet the dog. It’s a terrifying thought, but someone could walk right into your house and play with your dog for a while before you even notice if you’re not right there. They simply love all people and don’t have any desire to bark at strangers. However, good training and behavioral teachings will teach your dog to bark at anyone it does not recognize as a resident of your home until instructed to stop barking.

They’re Great Jumpers

If you’re not a fan of being jumped on or attacked with love, this is not the dog for you. These blue nose pitbulls are amazing jumpers. Not only can they jump very high, they can also leap quite an impressive distance. It’s no problem for one of these dogs to jump four or five feet from where they are standing and grab something they find too good to pass up. They’re great dogs for playing games with when you take this into consideration, but it will require you teach them that jumping on people and furniture is not permitted. They’re very excitable dogs and they can forget to behave if they’re not taught properly. Their excitement in seeing their owners and friends can quickly turn into what feels like a tackle from this dog, but it’s not because he means any harm. It’s simply his nature, and it must be taught when this behavior is appropriate and when it is not.

They’re Not Dog-Friendly

Like so many other animals, the blue nose pitbull is not a fan of other animals. It can be taught to be a fan of other animals, but you will want to do this early on. Teaching an old dog new tricks, in the very literal sense, is difficult once a blue nose pitbull has become a little older. You’ll want to start teaching your blue nose pitbull to socialize and become friendly with other animals right away. For this reason, if you have other animals in the house, you might consider not getting an adult blue nose pitbull. It’s far simpler to teach a puppy to tolerate and get on with other animals than a grown dog that’s never been taught to do this. The rule applies to cats, dogs, and other household pets. If your blue nose pitbull is not taught to get along with these animals, he will display animal aggression toward the dog, which is dangerous in your home.

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