The Differences Between the Red Nose Pitbull and Blue Nose Pitbull

Red Nose Pitbull

The red-nosed pit bull is a great variation of the pit bull dog, specifically the American pit bull terrier. This sweet dog has a very distinct appearance, and a very intimidating one at that. However, it’s yet another dog that makes it obvious that looks are entirely too deceiving and that animals are not to be judged based on hearsay and looks alone. It’s true that this is a dog that once was bred for inappropriate use, which is part of the reason this dog has such a negative reputation for being an animal with a mean temper and an aggressive nature.

Back in the 1800s, pit bulls of all types were bred to become animals that fought and played in dangerous games. They were used as bait for bulls, who then tore them up and killed them. It was considered a sport much like dog fighting is today – illegal and unethical and disgusting. Fortunately, it did not take long for public officials to create laws and addendums that made this sport illegal so that it stopped a lot of it. Of course, it didn’t stop it all, but that’s how the world works.

The red-nosed pit bull is often compared to the blue-nosed pit bull, and though they are of the same heritage, there are many differences between the two. We will discuss those a bit later after we familiarize you with the ins and outs of the red-nosed pit bull and its breed. The red-nosed pit bull is an Irish dog. It comes from very close inbreeding of a family of pit bulls in the old country, and it’s the kind of dog that was immigrated to America with its owners in the past. They’re less common today than they were in the past, thanks to the fact that the old family of these dogs are quickly dying out and it’s becoming more and more difficult to breed them with the frequent breeding of this old family breed to newer family breeds.

What makes the red-nosed pit bull get its name is the red nose that the dog has. There are some, however, that have noses of different colors. This comes from breeding an old-family red-nosed pit bull with a breed from a different family. Their other features include the same stocky frame as other pit bulls and the same big head and very distinctive facial features. They aren’t large dogs, but they’re not small dogs, either. They’re dogs that are very medium in size, but their appearance is strong and demanding, and it’s often enough to strike fear into many people who will walk away rather than engage one of these very sweet dogs.

If you are considering a red-nosed pit bull or even a blue-nosed pit bull as a family pet, you’ll do well with this dog. Both breeds make great family pets, and though they do have their differences, they are very similar dogs. You will learn here what to expect from a red-nosed pit bull, and this includes it’s temper, it’s intelligence and what it’s like to have one at home.

Caring for a Red-Nosed Pit Bull

These dogs require a special sort of care. We don’t mean special in terms of additional needs specific to the breed, we just special in terms of the same care on a different level. These dogs need a diet that’s not quite the same as other dogs. The red-nosed pit bull requires a diet that’s rich in brow rice, corn, beef and poultry – sort of like a person. Additionally, they do well with a fiber-rich diet, but not as well with a diet that’s high in carbs. In fact, carbs should be carefully avoided with these particular animals as they can make the dogs become obese and difficult to care for. It’s important that they have a very good diet that doesn’t change. This is important because they do have sensitive stomachs that do not do very well when their food changes frequently. For owners of these animals, it’s a very good idea to ensure that your dog has the same food at all times.

As far as shedding goes, despite their short hair they are very moderate shedders. This is going to require frequent brushing. You might find that it’s helpful to brush these dogs once a day with a brush that has hard bristles. Bathing them too often is not good for their skin, but they do require a bath when they’ve spent a great deal of time outdoors or playing in inclement weather. Because they have some health issues, it’s recommended that red-nosed pit bull owners take the dogs to the vet for frequent checkups. They should have a minimum of 3 appointments before they reach 16 weeks of age and an annual appointment after that. Of course, anytime the dog seems off or as if something is wrong, a call to the vet does not hurt.

What people do love about this particular breed of pit bull is the fact that they are well adapted to the indoors and the outdoors. These dogs work really well either inside or out, in large spaces or small spaces. However, if you dl keep the dog inside most of the time, it’s imperative that you allow the dog to take at least one long walk per day in addition to several smaller walks throughout the day. These dogs do require moderate exercise or they will become prone to obesity and other health related issues. They like to run and play, so it’s important you spend at least 15 minutes a day engaging in this type of activity with your red-nosed pit bull. Finally, if you choose to keep your dog inside regularly, invest in a good vacuum for their shedding – or sweep regularly.

Training and socialization are very important for the red-nosed pit bull. They require plenty of both. They are naturally very sweet, loyal dogs who play well with people, but they need to be socialized and trained to do so. They are very friendly dogs, but they do have a temper if they are not trained well. For the most part, these dogs are very friendly but bad training and improper breeding can lead to dogs with a temper. These animals should always be taught from a very early age to listen, obey and be kind. Yes, they are reputed to be dogs with aggression issues, but they’re only aggressive if taught to be aggressive. Otherwise, they’re perfectly kind and sweet animals. When one raises them to become aggressive is when the problems start.

It is important to understand that this particular breed of pit bull is naturally aggressive with other animals. Unless they are raised with another animal from their time of birth, they will likely become aggressive with the animal and not treat it very kindly. Bringing a new animal into a home with an older red-nosed pit bull will likely cause problems in the home. However, they are not aggressive or temperamental with children. In fact, they are very sweet with kids due to their high pain tolerance and their loyalty to those they love.

These are very intelligent dogs that learn well, obey easily and can be trained quickly provided you begin teaching them young. They are very good watch dogs and protectors, but they will not attacked unless someone or something else attacks first or poses great danger to the dog or a loved one. These dogs are very keen when it comes to detecting danger. They won’t attack a child that wanders into the yard, but they will not hesitate to attack a snake or other dangerous animal.

Red Nosed Pitbull

Red-Nosed Pit Bull at Home

At home, this is going to be a wonderful dog to have. You will find that this is a dog that is very loyal, very kind and very affectionate. They are the kind of pit bulls that want to spend time with people, and they want a lot of love. They are not lap dogs, but they do enjoy proximity to the people they care for most, and they do love their families. They are exceptionally loyal, and they will bark at anyone they don’t recognize until they are told to stop.

These dogs are easily brought into homes with children, and they have no issue when a new baby is brought home to a house in which the dog was there first. They are very calm and well-mannered, and they will not play rough with a child. They will, however, take a beating from kids. Since these are bigger dogs, most small children view them as a large stuffed animal or riding toy. For this reason, they will crawl on them, grab their tales, sit on them, hug them, kiss them and cuddle them, but your pit bull will not complain or become agitated when the kids treat him this way. His very calm demeanor allows him to behave around small kids, and even keep them in line. It’s not unheard of for these dogs to stay close to kids to keep them safe, particularly when they are outside or in a room without an adult.

Differences Between Red and Blue-Nosed Pit Bulls

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the differences and similarities between red-nosed and blue-nosed pit bulls. The biggest misconception is that they are very different dogs. This is just not true. Yes, they are different. However, they are from the same family of dog, which makes them mostly similar. In fact, many people mistakenly believe this is a dog with a completely different temperament. However, both breeds are very similar in terms of personality and their ability to get along well with one another.

For example, the red-nosed and blue-nosed pit bulls are both non-aggressive, intelligent and loyal animals. They are not prone to dog fighting or difficult behavior unless that is how they are trained and brought up – which is not considered ethical.

The differences in the two different types of pit bulls are very small. However, there are differences. One of the biggest differences, obviously, is the coloring of the two animals. The red-nosed pit bull and the blue-nosed pit bull come in different colors with different noses. Other than that, they are pretty similar in appearance.

The other big difference between the two is price. The funny thing is that the price changes regularly. For many years, the blue-nosed pit bull was regarded as the more expensive breed. In recent years, however, the red-nosed pit bull has become the more expensive breed. This is because the breed is more difficult to find. There are far more blue-nosed pit bulls available than red, so those who do breed the red-nosed pit bulls can legitimately ask more money because of the supply and demand issue in finding these dogs.

They’re both Irish dogs. They’re both kind in temperament. They grow to be about the same size. They are not prone to violence. There is very little difference between the two. They are good with children but neither cares to be around other animals that are not animals they were raised with and taught to develop patience for. They are both very loyal. They are also both very easy to train. The difference between the two breeds are largely perpetuated by breeders who want their own dogs to look more valuable and desirable when in reality they are mostly the same dog as far as everything but their appearance is concerned.

At the end of the day, the red-nosed pit bull and the blue-nosed pit bull are both pit bulls. They come from the same family, they have the same personality traits and they differ very little in anything but their coloring. It’s important to remember that unless you are looking for a very specific coloring in your new dog, that these dogs aren’t much different from one another and one color isn’t a ‘better’ dog than the other. One is not better, easier, smarter or anything than the other.

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