Pit Bull Cries Like A Baby After Mommy’s Death: Begs UPS Driver To Give Him A Home

With 15 years of experience as a UPS driver, Katie Newhouser has developed a strong familiarity with the neighborhoods within her delivery network.

Through her interactions with the residents and their pets, she has formed a special bond with a Pit Bull named Leo and his owner, Tina Rummel. Ms. Newhouser demonstrates her dedication to building positive relationships by greeting the dogs on her route with treats and affection.

Over the course of their interactions, Katie Newhouser and Leo developed a strong bond. Tragically, Tina Rummel, Leo’s owner and Katie’s acquaintance, passed away, leaving Leo alone.

With Tina’s son, Canon, away on active duty in the marines, Katie was concerned for Leo’s welfare.

In light of this situation, Ms. Newhouser made the decision to temporarily foster Leo until canon’s return.

During his stay, Leo’s easy-going nature allowed him to quickly bond with the other dogs in Katie’s household. He quickly became an integral part of their family, and their lives were greatly enriched by his presence.

On occasion, Leo would experience feelings of loss and nostalgia for Tina, expressing his emotions through visible signs of grief. However, his new family, consisting of Katie and her other canine companions, were always there to provide comfort and support.

Through the love and companionship provided by his new family, Leo was able to find solace and cheer.

It became apparent to Katie that the bond that had formed between Leo and her household was strong and meaningful, ultimately leading her to the realization that she could not bear to part ways with him.

As a result of her deep affection and care for Leo, Katie Newhouser made the decision to officially adopt him and provide him with a permanent and loving home.

This new environment brought a sense of safety and security for Leo, and his well-being was evident through the return of his joyful demeanor. It is with great pleasure to note that Leo has found a fulfilling and happy ending with his new family.

Enjoy the video below!

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