Abandoned Pit Bull Nearly Died Alone Until Amazing Man Saved Her

Alessandro Desco is the founder of the NGO “Ales Pits Team,” which is dedicated to rescuing, treating, and rehoming pit bulls. As someone who has a strong passion for canines, particularly pit bulls, and is a parent to both children and six dogs, Alessandro has made it his mission to be a guardian angel for these animals. One such pit bull that has benefited from his care and dedication is Athena.

She was found on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Alessandro was contacted regarding a pit bull in need on the outskirts of Sao Paulo. Upon arrival, he discovered the animal had a severe injury on its forehead and swollen eyelids, and it had been abandoned in the woods.

Despite a lengthy search, Alessandro was able to locate the dog and promptly transported it to a veterinarian for treatment.

A huge gash covered her forehead and her eyes were swollen shut

Doctors then removed larvae from the deep wound.

Upon examination, the veterinarians were concerned about the severity of the dog’s injuries. The wound was heavily infected, with larvae present, and the animal’s eyes were swollen shut.

There was a risk of the infections spreading to the dog’s organs, which could have been fatal. The veterinarians performed an x-ray and ultrasound and carefully extracted the larvae from the wound. With careful treatment, the dog was able to make a full recovery.

The dog managed to recover and has sprung back to her feet.

It’s been a lot of hard work for her.

After enough medication and care, she began the recovery process.

At this point it’s almost hard to tell that Athena was even injured in the first place.

Through the efforts of the veterinarians and Alessandro, Athena has made a full recovery and now exhibits a healthy and playful demeanor. The previous injuries are barely noticeable, with only a faint scar remaining. This case serves as a reminder of the resilience and potential for recovery in animals, and the importance of never giving up on a deserving dog.

Alessandro deserves our gratitude.

While her scars will never go away, we hope she can forget the pain.

It’s hard to believe she’s even wagging her tail again.


Here’s an amazing before and after shot.

Images via Instagram.

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