Dogs Who Became Best Friends at Shelter and Climbed Walls to Stay Close Get Adopted Together

Brenda and Linda, the inseparable best friends who gained fame for their extraordinary leaps over kennel walls just to be together, have finally found their forever home. The heartwarming story of these two pit bulls unfolded at the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control (MACC), where their remarkable friendship captured the attention of millions.

Initially, the shelter staff were puzzled by how Brenda and Linda ended up in the same kennel. It was only after reviewing the security tapes that they discovered Brenda’s daring act of friendship, as she scaled a five-foot wall to join her buddy Linda. The staff at MACC responded by relocating the two dogs to a larger kennel, nurturing the hope that they would eventually be adopted together.

Their dream has now become a reality. MACC joyfully announced on TikTok, using Weezer’s “Happy Together” as the soundtrack, that Brenda and Linda had found their forever home. Remarkably, this happened just one day after the original video of Brenda’s impressive high jump went viral. In the TikTok video, Brenda and Linda can be seen eagerly tugging towards the door, their excitement palpable as they embark on their journey to their new family, united.


Brenda and Linda found their furever home TOGETHER! Thank you to all of our frens who shared to make this pawsible for them????????#happytogether #bestfriends

♬ Happy Together – Weezer

The caption accompanying the TikTok post expressed the MACC employees’ jubilation: “Brenda and Linda found their furever home TOGETHER! Thank you to all our frens who shared to make this pawsible for them.” The staff was overjoyed to witness the overwhelming response from the public, who recognized the importance of providing a loving home not only to one animal but to both, ensuring that these sweet dogs, who once had no home, now have a chance to be part of a new family forever—side by side.


As Brenda and Linda settle into their new home, we send them warm wishes and endless happiness. May their bond grow stronger with each passing day, and may their lives be filled with abundant love and joy. Here’s to many more years of heartwarming puppy love and unforgettable adventures together.

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