Missing Dog Rescued After Spending 5 weeks on Remote Peak in Colorado

Zach Hackett, a hiker hailing from Colorado, has earned the title of hero for his remarkable rescue of a dog that had been missing for a daunting five weeks atop a remote peak near Silverthorne.

In recognition of his compassionate act, the esteemed animal rights organization, PETA, is bestowing upon Hackett their prestigious Compassion Action Award.

As per a heartfelt Facebook post by Summit Lost Pet Rescue, a furry companion named Riley mysteriously disappeared from his owner’s residence on April 8. The owner promptly reached out to the rescue team, initiating an extensive search of the area. Regrettably, the efforts yielded no clues regarding Riley’s whereabouts.

However, fate took a fortuitous turn after a five-week span when Hackett, while hiking on the challenging Peak 4, a 12,000-foot mountain near Silverthorne, discerned a faint but distinct bark. Following the sound, he discovered a feeble and exhausted Riley.

Acting swiftly, Hackett scooped up the canine, enfolding him in the protective cocoon of a windbreaker, and embarked on a treacherous two-hour descent through deep snow, deftly navigating the perilous terrain.

The following day, Hackett entrusted the dog into the care of Summit Lost Pet Rescue, who successfully reunited Riley with his relieved owner. The organization reported that the dog had endured significant weight loss and exhibited a low body temperature but was expected to recover under their vigilant care.

PETA’s news release underscored Hackett’s heroic deed, with Senior Vice President Colleen O’Brien expressing, “Zach Hackett stumbled upon a distressed dog and selflessly carried him through a perilous journey to safety. PETA is proud to honor him for his unwavering commitment as Riley’s guardian angel, and we urge everyone to follow his example and take action whenever an animal is in distress.”

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