Dog Waiting at Adoption Event Where No One Showed Up Due to Rain Is Breaking Hearts

We truly appreciate the efforts of animal shelters organizing special adoption events to showcase their precious animals. These events provide an excellent opportunity for potential adopters to meet the animals and for the furry friends to receive socialization. However, not all of these events have successful outcomes.

In Austin, Texas, a shelter dog named Drogo was eagerly anticipating a recent adoption event. A heartwarming video posted by @goodboygonehome on TikTok captured his excitement, with a big smile on his face. Unfortunately, the event was impacted by rain, which kept people away. Brace yourself for this heart-wrenching story.

It’s just not fair! Drogo, a sweet two-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier, deserves to experience the warmth and love of a forever home. In fact, every animal in a shelter should have the chance to know that feeling. That’s why we always emphasize the importance of adopting rather than buying.


and we were hoping today would be the day. 🙁 drogo has been been at the shelter for a year. someone come save him @Austin Animal Center #dogsoftiktok #shelterdog #austinanimalcenter #austinanimalshelter #adoptme

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“I would have shown up no matter what. It’s just rain, people!” wrote @whos.rchel. We couldn’t agree more! It didn’t even seem like it was pouring down heavily. A little rain has never deterred anyone! @messintheflesh chimed in, “TikTok can’t keep showing me these puppies who don’t get adopted at adoption events. I cry every time.” We feel the same way! That’s why sharing these animals on social media is crucial, as it increases the chances of a potential adopter coming across them.

Let’s continue spreading the word and supporting animal shelters to ensure that each and every animal finds a loving and caring home. Together, we can make a difference in their lives.

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