Dog Battles Rattlesnake to Rescue Foster Mom


Any dog owner will tell you that dogs are the most loyal pets in the world. If you show them love and give them all the care and attention they need, then they will return the favor tenfold. There are countless examples of how dogs have stayed by their owner’s side in their time of need or protected them when they have come into danger. One example of the latter is the story of the brave dog who fought off a rattlesnake to protect her foster mom. I Heart Dogs tells the story of a five-year-old rescue dog called Nellie. Poor Nellie hadn’t had much of a life as she had been passed from one rescue shelter to another. She had spent brief spells living in foster homes but always ended up back in the shelters.

Her entire past history is not entirely known, but she has some scars on her body that indicate that she has been a victim of abuse at some point in her life. It is also known that she spent some time in a shelter in California before she was rescued by the Final Frontier Rescue Project. It was through the Final Frontier Project that Nellie was placed with Jane Taylor who would act her foster mom until a permanent home was found for her. At first, she had some difficulty settling into her foster home. She was scared of things like new people and loud noises. However, within a few weeks, she began to settle and to develop a bond with her foster mom. It seemed like she really appreciated living in a loving environment that Jane was able to provide for her.

Due to her past experiences, Nellie had become a cautious dog, although she had a very pleasant nature. However, as most dogs would, her personality changed completely when she and her foster mom were faced with danger. One day, Jane and her friend decided to take Nellie for a nice walk in the local area. The pair were hiking close to enchanted wood in Texas, and both were enjoying their leisurely stroll through the beautiful landscape. That was until they were faced with danger. Out of nowhere, a rattlesnake appeared in the middle of the path. Taylor went into a blind panic, but Nellie remained calm. The rescue dog decided that now was the time to show some bravery and loyalty as repayment for Taylor offering her a loving home and stable environment.

Although it is rare for a rattlesnake to kill a human, they have large venomous fangs that can deliver a nasty bite, says Live Science. Often, the only sign of a rattlesnake is the distinctive buzzing sound they make. This can act as an early warning sign of their presence f they are concealed in the grass or behind a rock. Nellie and Jane were lucky that they saw the rattlesnake in their path before it struck. It was a path that they didn’t usually take, and they were simply returning to the car when the rattlesnake crossed their path. According to Taylor, she heard the familiar buzz of the snake before she even saw it. As soon as it appeared in her line of vision, she was immediately struck with fear. Fortunately, Jane had Nellie by her side to come to the rescue. The brave dog went straight into action, leaping forward to put herself between Jane and the snake. She began to fight with the snake in her efforts to save Jane from harm.

Unfortunately, Nellie was wounded in the process of saving her foster mom. During the battle, the rattlesnake had sunk its venomous fangs deep into Nellie’s face. Fortunately, Jane’s quick-thinking friend was present. He reacted fast and took off his coat to throw it over the rattlesnake. This allowed him to drag the snake away from Nellie. Despite acting so quickly, the damage was already done. Jane and her friend were horrified to realize that Nellie wasn’t moving and that she couldn’t walk. This meant that they had to carry her back to the car. When they finally made it back to the vehicle, they realized straight away that the poor dog was not okay. Not only were her eyes closed, but her mouth was also hanging open and her head was tilted back.

Jane knew that she had to get the injured dog to the vet as quickly as possible. Once there, the vet treated Nellie by administering two vials of antivenom. She was also given antibiotics to avoid an infection developing in the bite wound. When Nellie returned home wither foster mom, she had to spend some time on bed rest to help her to recover. Signs of her recovery soon began to show, thanks to the loving care that Jane gave to her. It wasn’t long before Nellie was back on her feet and back to her usual cheerful self, even though she had suffered a terrible experience. Nellie had shown true heroic bravery by leaping into action to save those she was with and to keep them from harm. This shows just how loyal she is to those who care for her and why she would make a fantastic pet for someone who is willing to offer her a forever home.

Sadly, Nellie’s story doesn’t end here. Jane Taylor is moving to Hawaii, and this means that she can no longer be Nellie’s foster mom. This means that Nellie will once again return to the shelter until an adoptive home is found for her. After experiencing the loving environment that Jane offered her, it is likely that Nellie will want to find her forever home as soon as possible. With such a loving, loyal, and brave nature, she will make a fantastic pet for the right family. Hopefully, she will not have too long to wait for the chance to find a family who will love her as much as Jane.

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