Massive Great Dane is Best Friends with 5 Pound Dog

Massive Great Dane 1

Dogs can teach us many lessons about how to live happier lives. They show us how to be compassionate in stressful situations, how to be loyal when our relationships are strained, and how to have courage in the face of overwhelming odds. However, one of the most important lessons that we can learn from our canine friends is simply to love one another despite our differences.

Greta and Rio are the perfect example of such love. While they are adopted sisters and inseparable in spirit, you would not know it by looking at them. Greta is a Great Dane who weighs an impressive 105 pounds. Rio, on the other hand, is a Chihuahua/Yorkie mix who weighs only 5 pounds. Despite their enormous size difference, the two share an unconditional bond. In fact, their owner, Haley, has stated that one will be clearly upset when the other leaves the house.

While one might worry for Rio’s safety when playing with Greta, the two are simply inseparable. They will even play fight over toys, which often results in Rio being dragged along the floor if she refuses to let go. The pair can also often be found wrestling and napping together.

Even more heartwarming than the activities that the two share is the effect that they have had on each other’s confidence. Greta has learned from her sister that being large does not mean that she must be aggressive. She loves to play with smaller dogs, although they are often intimidated. Likewise, Rio has learned that she can hold her own with larger dogs. When going for walks, she never backs down from a fight. Sometimes, however, when Rio has bitten off more than she can chew, she has to rely on Greta for assistance.

Massive Great Dane 2

These adopted sisters are therefore playmates, companions, and above all, sisters. They support each other, play with each other, and have taught the other that love does not recognize size. Seeing this pair play together despite a 100-pound weight difference is both adorable and inspiring. Normally, one would expect Rio to be in great danger next to such a large dog as Greta. However, it is by her sister’s side that Rio feels the safest.

Although most people look at dogs and see adorable, loving pets, they are in reality far more important. Not only are these animals irreplaceable parts of the family, they can also show us how to live happier and more loving lives. As dogs, Greta and Rio could not be more different. Great Danes and Chihuahua/Yorkie mixes are not often found together. As sisters, however, the dogs are perfect. Like all siblings, Greta and Rio fight, play, nap, and eat together. What is truly remarkable is the unflappable support that they extend to each other. Whether it is standing up for one another in a fight or simply being sad when the other leaves the house, it is clear that Greta and Rio are the closest of friends.

Often, we assume that by sheltering and feeding our dogs, we are giving them a great gift. By learning more from how these animals love and care for one another, however, it is clear that they give us just as much in return.

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